Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the 11th day...

Maija Lepore boxed for me... Take out?

Ok! I have a very funny story to share about this package I received this gift in the mail and opened up the outer bag to revel this very festive take out box.. I tossed out the box it was shipped in but left the take out box on my kitchen counter and preceded to go to the computer and put on my noise cancling head phones on...

then I get a tap on my shoulder and I turn around and dangling from my husbands finger is the house and he said "what's this?" I let out a little gasp and said "oh! That a gift! Why did you open it!?" he said... "It looked like something good to eat was inside of the box." and he was right it did look like a treat and it was sitting in the kitchen after all... So I got a peek but it was more a peek from association.

 but look what was inside! why its an adorable stuffed felt house all full of love and hand stitched goodness!
Maija is a master with needle and thread and a whiz on the sewing machine!
(I have been very lucky and have been gifted with many of her hand made "just because" gifts from her)

And here is the little house stuffed full of winter tidings!
thank you Maija it perfect (but maybe next year you can add a food treat for my husband!)

(my blog was hacked into and a I am sorry for the strange post went out yesterday, please know that the issue was taken care of.) 


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