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Are you  looking forward to adding some holiday cheer to your home? Then join me and 8 other artist for the magic of Christmas a colbritive online e course. 
 I will be teaching The magic of Christmas Heart garland: learn how to sew a primitive fabric garland  that you will adorn with hearts that you will make with cardboard and plaster to create shapes that you will encase in wax. use  paint to create color wash to patina your hearts to complete this project. 

The event will begin on November 1st with 2 new projects being added daily through November 9th. This fun and creative online event will get you excited and in the creating mood for the upcoming holiday season! The classroom and content will remain open and available for you for 6 months.
Please note that registration will close November 30th. Don't delay - register today!!
Event fee is only $49.99 for 16 different projects from 8 different artist!

(Expect an invitation to join the classroom within 24 hours of registration!)

heart garland kit

heart dress kit
The magic of Christmas "heart dress" Discover the process of working with simple coffee stained muslin. As we explore the process of creating a tattered time worn effect onto fabrics by means of Fabric staining. Learn how to cut out and sew ruffles and embroidery stitch a word as we construct demure “art” dress. Complete your creation with the construction of your own hanger.

keep in mind after you register:

  1. You must establish a free account in the Academy at This is where the event will be hosted, and the only way for you to view each project.
  2. On October 15th,  invitations will be sent out to join the event, in the Academy, to the email address associated with your payment. 
  3. The only features available to students on will be the supply lists and/or links to kits. As our event begins on November 1st


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Saturday, June 28, 2014


I have 25 bundels or hand hand dyed fabric and trim that I will start listing on etsy today. This is a result of over 10 years of crafting.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Desk view.

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Studio view.

Old books and dolls in my studio. 

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Shop sale!

This includes online workshops!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Desk view.


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So what's in your bag? I truly carry the unaverse in my purse. 
But I do like to have order to madness so I made pockets for all the little things that I can't live without. 

Pens and band aids are always needed!

My iPad mini is always with me as well as earbuds. 

Nail file ans a small makeup roll. 

A large Eyeglass case made to hold both my sun and reading glasses. 
So here is a photo of my real purse with everything layed out for you to see. Other things I always have is some kind of snack (my current food obsession Trader Joe’s PB&J Milk Chocolate Bar ) my iphone, wallet, car keys. 

You can read how you can make your own purse pouches in the spring 2014 issue of haute handbags. 

Happy creating!