Sunday, August 03, 2008


Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.--Mary Lou Cook

("sweet delight" shot taken before completion)

Its not always BLACK & WHITE where we are going, and some times along the way we lose track of the spark that started the journey.

When I meet Kelly B last weekend, she helped to remind me of some old passions. Kelly is new to blogging and the world or art swapping and is so full of creative energy!

("love, trust, hope." created in 2006 for a black & white swap)

It was such a treat for me to see someone having so much fun with their art , as it reminded me of how I used to love to join the latest swap craze along with the joy of being able to post every angle of my newest creation with you all with gleeful excitement.

But with my journey in to the world of publications I have been faced with the need to explore ways to share my art in a less then obvious ways...

now I am a crazy girl when it comes to the back of my projects, most of the time I cover them up once I am done, to leave a nice tidy back. but in the case of this project I really liked how the messy paint and stitches turned out so I left it exposed.

here I share "the white room" in its entirety but in a some what imposable to view angle
its a multi layered collage that I am working on.

and here is a detail of a corner.

And this little snippet is the view of the shipping paper that I used to protect my table as I painted the papers for "the white room"

and this is my studio floor, I have been working with netting and organza and look who hides under the layers!

I am excited as today I will be taking a class with Jesse Reno at Carol Parks studio along with a few supper cool art girls:


I will take a few photos and share them with you tomorrow!

( "Black & White" Collaborative charm bracelet found in the pages of "a charming exchange")

“Some pursue happiness - others create it.”

(gift wrapped parcel that held "love, hope, trust" 2006 swap art)

“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”

Buddha quotes



inventivesoul said...

I just discovered through Jenny Doh that there will be a BLACK AND WHITE ISSUE!!!
I missed that!
Then I visited your blog, and
I am glad to know though, that you are a part of it.
I am really looking forward to seeing that issue, I would have loved to submit work for that one!

What an adorable doggie.
It must have been so cozy to rest in all of that fabric.
HAVE FUN AT CAROL'S and say hi to ~*Connie Williams!*~
She is pretty cool! She also goes by the name "Cetta" which sounds like Chetta.

inventivesoul said...

Oh, I just re-read your post, I see that you already went to the class!
OK, woops!

Karen Cole said...

So how was the Jesse Reno workshop? I'm drooling.

mmmmmm love black and white.

Cassie said...

This was my first time visiting and I love your blog! Very inspirational. Will visit again soon. Thanks for motivating me!

Maija said...

I know Kelly B! She is such a love! I'm hoping to see her this weekend, if I have the time and strength to make the trip!

Love your pup "at work"!