Friday, August 15, 2008

off to ohio!

Its time for me to trust life

(a very small peek at one of the projects that I will step out)

and with truth and peace ,I will share my great love of mixed media fabric art,

(a kit for a step out)

as I jet off to Ohio this week to shoot 20 step outs for my next book filled

(small details being added last minute)

with the hopes that I can inspire your creativity to play with mixed media fabric art.

(a step out kit)

now you can see me first hand in this slide show sewing the last project that I just completed last night. (I think it will end up being the cover art) and you can see the great fun that I had last weekend at Carol Parks with Jesse Reno here.
I am sorry that I do not have time to write about my most amazing time that I got to spend with some truly great artist but you can read about there fun here here, and here.

I will try to blog a little next week when I am in Ohio and share a little peek into the process of the step out photo process.

The world is but a canvas to the imagination.
Henry David Thoreau



Vanessa said...

Oh, I so liked the slideshow to see how you do things!

Kelly said...

safe travels! i hope you find gus's phone number so he can pick you up instead of mean cabdriver guy. and you will rock this one, ruth tracy rae! this is old news now. you know who you will be with, what is expected, where you will eat and sleep and even under which overpass you may creep late at night to get a big steak. hugs to everyone from me. and biggest hugs of all to you!

Judy said...

good luck my dear, you will shine, no doubt - love the sneaky peaky's.
cya soon - get ready for me,,,

Jenny Doh said...

Deep faith (which develops through hard work) eliminates fear. You're gonna do great, Ruth. Thanks for all that you do and for taking it all in stride. :)

Janny said...

Gorgeous work on your Blog!

daydreamstudios said...

Your blog is always an inspiration. I imagine the book will be too! Sounds like your having a great summer and a busy one too. Just catching up after my big move.

Anonymous said...

OMG I love your art but I can't read this blog anymore because of all the spelling errors PLEASE learn to spell so I may once again enjoy it thank you!

Ruth Rae said...

Dear anonymous,

I have struggled my whole life with the written word as I am extremely dyslexic, this is in no way my excuse but who I am.

I no longer look at the way I see things as a curse, as I once did, but more as a blessing for the way that I DO SEE things.

I spent many painful years in my youth and into early adult hood, trying to find a way to express myself, as spelling; writing and math are to this day a struggle for me.

When I started this blog many years ago it never occurred to me that I would have viewers, it was more of a way for me to document my art. I continue to share my creative self with the blogging community and enjoy sharing my process and what inspires me along the way.

I have never claimed to be a scholar and apologize if my shortcomings with the written word offend you.

We all have aspects in our life that we do not excel but our challenge is how we chose to over come and find our true happiness.

The Dalai Lama said it best:

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

kiwicarole said...

Hi Ruth,
I visit your blog often, I mean real often, I find your work very inspiring, and if you must know - I've never ever noticed any spelling mistakes, perhaps that gives you some idea about what's more important to me!
Anyway I hope you don't mind, but I am passing on an award to you, BECAUSE I just love your blog! The details are on my blog. Thankyou for sharing your art and your ideas!
Carole in New Zealand

Crystal said...

Ruth you are an inspiration ~ whether it be in the written word or in your fantastical wonderful amazing art. You are a woman many women would love to trade places, spelling errors, dyslexia, and all. It is a part of who you are and what has made you able to see the world in the creative way you do. God bless you as you travel to Ohio. May your next book be even more wonderful then your first. And then your next, and your next and your next!
Thanks for the opportunity to come in and peek inside your world!
Blessings -

Vanessa said...

I am offended by 'anonymous'--at least own up to your comment. It actually brings tears to my eyes. As a teacher, I correct my student's spelling and grammar errors. I would NEVER do that to an adult. I was gifted with language ability, but not artistic ability. I have never had an artist give a negative comment at my hopeful and often feeble attempts at creativity. I'm always offered encouragement. It is the beauty of humanity that we are not alike and that we are each blessed with different talents and abilities. Given that, any spelling errors on this wonderful, inspiring blog do not interfere with the reader's uplifting experience. I am honored that you share your wonderful talent with all of us!

Elaine Kerr said...

I have never 'met' a more generous or inspirational artist than you. Your spirit and talent shine through everything you do. With every project and every published work you raise the bar a little higher and we all benefit from that. Love ya, Ruth!
< 3

MizCarla said...

Grabs Ruth and hugs her tight!

Not only are you extremely sweet and talented you are also kind and VERY CLASSY!