Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Nonsense and beauty have close connections." — E. M. Forster

I am a little late with this post this is the fun that was May 5 , 2007!
This is what a fun group of art girls looks like!

here's we all are outside the ArtBar in Santa Anna. left to right starting on the back row there's pilar, jennifer, tanya, julie, Me , beth, maija, mija and sylvia. left to right on the front row there's peggy, sandee, kelly, and mary.

This is Kelly's Amazing husband Tom who took the above group photo and was brave and had dinner with all us wild and crazy art girls!

we started the day off at 10am (ok so maybe I made it by 10:40 but it was a Saturday! and a girl needs her weekend beauty sleep!) it was quite the party a few girls brought goodie bags for all 13 0f us and there were Kelly made wonderful pink cup cakes,

Tanya and Maija were are lovely bartenders and made us all the most delightfully STRONG mango margaritas! all this was going on as we tyred to create bracelets for charms that we all made before hand to swap!

This is how my bracelet turned out :)

Mija was so sweet and gave us all a needle felting demo and gifted us all with felt and needles!
This is my 5 minute attempt at the craft!

at 5pm we head out to dinner but first there was some need for sidewalk dancing now the big treat seamed almost planed outside the was a DJ playing 80's music... now the whole group of us are in our 40's so this was a complete high school/collage flash back for all of us!

after our dinner at Memphis we walked around all the Santa Anna Artist Village art gallery's, I was really taken back by this one artist who's name I did not get!( the top 3 photo's) I only have mango margaritas and pink lemonade Martini's to blame! Thanks girls our play date was a true treat!



sandee said...

Ruth!!! Thanks for sharing the pics. It was so much fun meeting you, even if you did squirt your short with your food!!! It's nice to there's someone else who practices "food" art!


martha said...

I wish that I lived closer!!!! I'm in an RR with Julie, Sandee, Mija and Peggy!! And I have a package going out to Beth tomorrow! and Maija is a new friend from ArtFest! Our art world is so small..... yet so big..... You all look like you had a great time! Looking at that picture makes me happy...... :)

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! I would have given anything to be there. Kelly says it may be a yearly get together so I am hoping for 2008.
The pics are great!


Kel x said...

That looks like the best day! I have one of those funky cupcake stands, I love it but I have only filled it once. Must get baking...

Deryn Mentock said...

Good for you girls! How I wish I could have been with you!

Gunnels blog said...

Congrats Ruth for the good article about your fabric jewelry in Cloth, paper, scissors; wich arrived to me today! :-))