Wednesday, May 16, 2007

be still my heart!

I got the most amazing thank you in the mail on Friday from Elaine Kerr
I sent her a few little goodies in the mail and she went over the top and
She created this art doll with my daughters face that she found here

at first glance I just thought that the paper it was wrapped in was just news print... but this was not just any news print Elaine had made up a copy write en-figment story about the Sarah~Jeanne art doll! Elaine you are one amazing and FUN artist!!!
Sarah~Jeanne was very impressed with her self :)

I never take on a commission... I guess its my ego mania, but I could not say no to this one because it was a favor for my aunt... and it is a challenge square side drilled tigers eye! oh my!
what will I do ! I have till the 30th to get this done.. I just started to play with the lay out this morning.
Then I started to do some fabric work I needed to get done, My goal was to work in my studio until 3, then as I stated to sew I ran out of my gutermann thread! and there was not a substitute in site!
So off to the fabric store I went but along the way there was my favorite thrift shop where I got the most amazing crystal fringe for $4.95 ! but to my sadness when I got to the fabric store they were out of my thread! so I had to settle for my next favorite color, then of course there was the drive through Starbucks on the way to get kids... yes before you know it 3 o' clock comes by so fast and not a thing was really done!
so after my son's piano lessons and my daughters shopping spree at the mall (oh to be 16 again!), we grabbed a pizza for dinner then I made it back into my studio and got to finish up on my project!

I really love this little detail there is a flat glass heart on top of the word "Romeo?"
oh be still my heart!



tina's space said...

These are beautiful ruth!!! I can so identify with how your day went... we need more hours in the day!

UK Girl said...

Just had to smile while reading this post, sound just like what I try to do, but it ends up near to 1am when I finish.

Take care,


Judy said...

What can I say that I have not said before, your work is so greaceful and elegant. I adore the mono colours of fabrics and embellishments, its my fav.

kelly snelling said...

you are so funny! i would never guess you are so romantic unless i saw your art. it oozes romance! these are gorgeous! and you better hide that crystal fringe before i come over next time. hee, hee. i'm sure you will make something amazing with it.

Megan Pickwell said...

I love these pieces, they are so elegant with so many layers peeping through, wonderful.

Jo Wholohan said...

Just beautiful Ruth, you always amaze me girl!!!!