Saturday, May 19, 2007

cure of soul

When I look back over my work from last year I can see the roots from where I have grown...

(life, My hands)

I want to stretch more with fiber art, I find myself at a crossroads with my skills and I am starting to become limited and I believe that I can not go forward with out steeping back and truly understand the foundations of sewing, so a few classes my be in order.

Dear wonderful Sara in Austria has suggested that maybe next summer I could come and spend some time with her in her studio and we could create together! Now this is just a dream right now but it is one that I hope to make come true! Sara inspires me so completely! I love how her work is constantly evolving and growing! and her sewing skills are so vast it's amazing! I would love to be her appearance!

cure of soul(doors closed)

(close up of door details)

So here you have it, my 9 x 12 Fabric secret door project, this is my last swap for a while, its time for me to go deep into a hole and create jewelry for my book "A charming exchange" Kelly and I have been working on the lay outs and I must say that the art we have to work with is truly amazing! I am a little confused as how I will blog from here out... I am not sure how many sneak peeks any one can handle!

(doors open)

(close up of inside details and heart pocket with secret inside)

So why do I use such a limited color pallet?
I guess in part its because when I create with fabric its come from more of a dream state deep from inside of myself... the textures and layers and all the hidden elements are things found inside my dreams... when I work on a piece things are always being shifted and moved until it seams as if it where something I had seen before. so for now I am lost in sepia tones.
but I promise I will try to steep out of the box soon!
(you can see more close up's of "cure of soul" here)

"There's too much beauty upon this earth for lonely men to bear."
— Richard Le Gallienne



kelly snelling said...

you have taken my breath away this time. this is so lush and treasure filled it is absolutely heaped with secrets and tenderness. oh it is gorgeous! clap! clap! clap! stomp! stomp! stomp! hurray!!!!

Jo Wholohan said...

Truely stunning Ruth, LOVE the all cream look

Judy said...

No no, dont worry about the colour the mono's are my fav's and who said creams/sepia's are not colour, they are and pure colour too! Encore Kelly's comment.

two dresses said...

you must have lots of extra energy because you took my breath away too!

Exquisite!!! Glad you are on this earth!!!


Jes said...

oh pooh...X boxes instead of sneak peeks!

I'm DYING to know how it's all coming!! I'll go over and visit out sites!


Jes said...

ohhh...but wait, "Cure of Soul" is fabulous!!!! And I like the sepia tones....

Bethany said...

Oh the door project piece is so dreamy and lush...gorgeous!! WOW, I can't believe you think you need to grow from your have SUCH an amazing talent! BTW Thanks for the comment on my can stop by my studio and visit anytime :) There's comfy places to sit and lots of goodies to play with!

Peggy said...

Its a wonderfull work, I like you art and the sepia tones with a little bit red.

Plain Jane said...

just gorgeous!!!!!

Rella said...

Your work is so gently stunning. I find myself just lost in each piece. Then after the eye candy you give us, there are words to inspire and touch our soul. Your blog is truly one of my favorite places to go ~ Rella