Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Art Girl :)

Sharon Wisely
and I were in this Round Robbin altered calender group last year and when she
read my sew charming article in Cloth Paper Scissors she thought that these word stamps from Her shop Red Lead
would be to my liking! (you must go to her shop she has some amazing stamps and oh so many wonderful things!)

oh my! was I ever inspired! thank you Sharon! I only just started to play with them but here are a few peeks of what they look like stamped on fabric :)

(these cones are for sale on etsy)

I am over my head busy right now with so many projects and I have found that the more I HAVE to do, and the more SERIOUS the projects the more likely I am to PLAY!



arlene said...

Ruth, I love your art! These are just beautiful.

Bethany said...

Soo lovely...Oh gosh, the details are beautiful! Talented you most certainly nice for you, too that she sent you those great stamps. I, for one, LOVE that piece you did for clothpaperscissors and would love to see you featured more!

Gunnels blog said...

I think it is good for you to play, Ruth, you are doing so wonderful art! But it isn´t nice to have insomnia problem!

purplepaint said...

I just got a link to your website today. Your work is absolutely awesome! How inspiring! Marva