Friday, May 25, 2007

2 AM

when the muse comes we have no choice other then to embrace her! :)


I did not sleep a wink Thursday night I tossed and turned from 2am to 4am, I have two upcoming magazine articles that I had to write and I am not a "real" writer so this is the part that I stress about more then anything! there were pages in my head all full of words, really good words and full sentence! I really needed to go to the computer and type it all down! but it was 2am and I really did not want to get out of bed so I turned on my bed side light and took my journal and I wrote down a few things thinking that this would free my mind... but this only made room for more words! at 4am I gave up and got out of bed! but I am happy to report that I got both finished by 7am so all in all it was worth the insomnia!



Andrea S. said...

Sometimes that's what it takes. I do the same thing. Glad you got your articles written!
By the way, I posted on my blog a little bit about your gorgeous cone! Love it sooo much!!!

Judy said...

Indeed Ruth, I posted you on my blog too. Glad you got the articles written though, i do the same sort of thing, in fact its now 6am but have been up finishing a project since 4am.

Waltraud said...

May be, t was the moon - the result is great!

knitsteel said...

Sometimes the best thoughts come at the worst times. I'm glad you were able to get them down.

alex said...
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Sue Berry said...

Hi Ruth, Have only just found your blog, via Red Velvet, which was via Michael de Meng's, which I tracked down after taking a class with him at Art & Soul in Virginia! lol Aaaanyway, happy to see you're still making your wonderful art and how wonderful that the pieces you made in my calendar are displayed here! Good luck with the book - will be adding it to my ever growing wishlist! Hugs, Sue x