Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Day!

Today was such an over the top great day!!!
Kelly and I got together to hand deliver the just simply charming offerings to Michelle Flores the editor of
Belle Armoire ! which included one of the original 20 bracelets along with the work of Carrie Edelmann Avery , Crystal Neubauer, Lelainia N. Lloyd, Deryn Mentock and Jerri Reimann

This is Kelly and I in the lobby of stampington and company with all the boxes full of books all over the place!
Could it have been possible for us to look any more happy!?!

The stampington and company head quarters is a wild place with stacks and stacks of magazines and art work in box's out of box's on rolling pie racks! but it seamed that at every turn we encountered art from our friends! there was
Crystal Neubauer's house getting ready to be sent back to her that you can see on page 116 of this months Somerset Studio and then some upcoming soon to be published work of Judith (cheek out her new blog!) Michelle Flores was so nice and took the time to share some wonderful upcoming art and even showed us a manuscript of an upcoming book that Deryn will be in! it was so wonderful to be able to see the behind the scenes workings of all the magazines and books that we all adore!

I am still smiling from ear to ear!
It was truly an amazing day!



liz said...

ruth, this is So cool!! you and kelly REALLY look happy--lucky you getting to see all that great art! thank you SO much for going to all this trouble with the bracelet--it is such exciting stuff!
liz xx

Judy Scott said...

Oh my word no wonder you're smiling so much, what a wonderful day you've had. Have a fab weekend, Jude xxx

kelly snelling said...

we DO look happy, don't we? downright giddy! i wish everyone could see your beautiful eyes, the color. how it matches your sweater with the most beautiful golden/green/brown. your eyes were dancing. i'm still smiling, too. :0)

Crystal said...

Ruth I am so thrilled and honored that you saw a piece of my art at Somerset!!! It warms me from head to toe to think of you there in the same room with it. And to see such fabulous works up close from artists like Deryn and Judit - Wow!!
Wish I could have been there to meet you and Kelly in person. It is so cool to live vicariously through the two of you and the adventures you have there!

Ruth Rae said...

Last night when I was grabbing your blog link to add to my blog post I peeked and Read your post about your tree of life house it is such an amazing piece of art! The tree of life is so amazing to me I have a necklace with the image of the tree all the time.

When Kelly and I were at stampintion it was really strange how we saw your house ... we were in Michelle's office and you have to understand that the place is a mess... I guess it kinda looks like our studios when we are
working really hard on a project! so she takes me out into a hall because she wants me to meet jenny do, and show her all the necklaces and the book so there're six foot tables all over the place and there is a girl that is packing up stuff and there right in front of where I go to lay all the charm stuff out is your little house! It was amazing! And I said to jenny and Michelle "oh ... that's crystals house! And I pulled out your necklace to show them! :) it was really a full circle day for me on so many levels, I am so lucky to be surrounded and supported by so many amazing artist!
It was truly an amazing day! And I still find myself smiling from it :)

mizcarla said...

look at you two cuties with those million dollar smiles shining brightly :D

So happy to read about your amazing day...and excited about seeing our bracelet in print.


Dotee said...

Oh, what a beautiful post!! And what a gorgeous photo of you and Kelly. You are both emanating such light and love.

And Ruth - I knew you were beautiful but this photo shows your sparkling eyes. And coloring. What a beautiful top you are wearing too. Gorgeous girl!!!

The happy energy just shines from this photo.

My friend Holly has been to the Stampington offices and loved the experience too!

How exciting that the Simply charming bracelet is going to be in Belle Amoire!

katie said...

what a wonderful and memorable day for the two of you - you're both just glowing with happiness. I have no doubt that the book you're going to do will be fantastic!

Catherine said...

Wow! It is nice to see this picture of you two together. Our fearless leaders!

Patti Gramza said...

Ruth, ohhhhhhh you looked to be in heaven doll!! I am so glad your day was fun and inspiring and you had such a goooooooood time!!!!! Hurray for you!And the girls in your charming bracelet group too! Wheeeee!!!

Deryn Mentock said...

Wow! Cool! Do I know about this book thing? :) You two look so happy and beautiful.

Plain Jane said...

You do look happy! I've been there too, and everyone is sooo very nice. Congrats!

Holly Stinnett said...

I was there a couple months ago and felt the same way you do. I was so excited to be there and see all the behind the scenes art. Everyone there is so nice, which makes it even more special.

Evoke-Designs by Lorraine said...

You two look like two giddy school girls! Great picture and great to see "you" and not just a name! I had already met Kelly, so I knew what she looked like! :0)

Jes said...

OH~OH~OH how exciting!!! What a wonderful day...I am GREEEEN with envy!