Monday, January 22, 2007

My Altered Asian Victorian Calendar

Back and Front covers of my book

I sent out my Asian Victorian Calendar January 31st 2006 and this started an amazing round robin calendar art project That I was part of, it was headed by Kathy Wasilewski .

How it worked was we all got a 8x6 engagement calendar and for the month of January we all work in our own books before we sent them out then after each girl got to work on the calendar till the end of each month then they sent it on to the next girl.

Amazing still I just received my Calendar on Saturday January 20th almost exactly a year to date!

You can see the work that I did in all the girls calendars here
I was in shock yesterday when I got a H U G E 12 x 14 x 12 Box ... it was from
Sharon so I knew it was my supper fat calendar!

I was almost afraid to open the box!
But I over came my fear quite fast once I got a knife in my hand to open the box!
It was amazing in so many ways to see something that I started over a year ago ... this was my first RR so little did I know what kind of a journey this would become when I started it!
I think about how much my style has changed along the way and how differently I would have construed my book had I done it now :)

The book is a little over 9 inches thick! and all of your art is so amazing along with all the details that I have yet to soak in! I have still to really read all the words I have only been able to just see the art... over the next few days I will soak it all in :)
Thank you all so much for your work and the time it took to work in my book this was such a big project and at times I know we all had mixed feeling when we saw that box at our door!

but in the end it was so worth all the work!
you can view this amazing book as a slide show!
and see all the girls work! if you click on a pitcher during the slid show it will stop and tell you who did the page :)

This was the Rotation list:
(and links to the girls sites)

1.DAWN SUPINA (Canada)

2.BETH ROBINSON (Pennsylvania)


4.Liz Smith (UK)

5.CAREN MCNEE (New Zealand)





10.SHARON WISELY (Missouri)

11.RUTH RAE (California)

12.MARCI GLENN (Oregon)

Tip in page with all the girls name's on tags :)



martha said...

All I could say was WOW for about 10 minutes after seeing the slideshow. This is spectacular. I'm in a CJ RR right now and I feel totally inimidated now! You must be so happy with this, Ruth! What a wonderful group of talented artists. You should all be really really proud of your work. WOW.

Jes said...


Deryn Mentock said...

Hey Ruth! Thanks for posting each delightful page of your calendar. I've been in several other year long rr's and I have to say, the books produced in this one are truly spectacular!

ArtsyMama said...

OH MY GOSH...unbelievably gorgeous!! Thanks so much for sharing:) Aren't round robins fun!!!!!?

julie collings said...

so wonderful to look through each page.
the whole book is just amazing, the kind of thing
i would want to hold and have you tell me about each page.
thanks, Julie

Holly Stinnett said...

WOW! What fun! I know how exciting it is to receive a HUGE book back after it traveled around the world. I participated in my first RR over a year ago and when it came back six months later I too couldn't believe how my style had changed. But my book (The Goddess) is one of my most favorites things because of all the other talented artists who participated in it and it being my first RR. Your book will be such a special piece for you to hold for the rest of your life. It really is lovely, and I LOVE the theme... another one of my favorite topics!

Judy Scott said...

Ruth just viewed the slide show its so amazing all the same theme but so completely different, what a wonderful keepsake, are you still smiling ~ Ilove the photo of you and Kelly, xxJude xx

Patti Gramza said...

Ruth, your calendar came out amazing! I am thrilled for you and see that alllllll the created looks to have bene so with love and care! What a great bunch of artists and you are terrific for sharing all the pages! Amazing!Hugs,Patti

Catherine said...

What a wonderful book. You are so lucky!