Friday, January 19, 2007

tree of life

tree of life, originally uploaded by ruthrae.

I feal like a bad blog mommy...
But I have been so busy!
busy doing must do art stuff !

if you click on the tree it will take you over to flickr and you can see a few little bits that I have been working on :)

I still have a few more things on my must do list befor I can just play :)


by: Robert Buchanan (1841-1901)

‘I have planted the Seed of a Tree,
It shall be strangely fed
With white dew and with red,
And the Gardeners shall be three--
Regret, Hope, Memory!’

The Master smiled:
For the Seed that He had set
Broke presently thro’ the mould,
With a glimmer of green and gold,
And the Angels’ eyes were wet--
Hope, Memory, Regret.

The Master cried:
‘It liveth--breatheth--see!
Its soft lips open wide--
It looks from side to side--
How strange they gleam on me,
The little dim eyes of the Tree!’

The Master said:
‘After a million years,
The Seed I set and fed
To itself hath gatherèd
All the world’s smiles and tears--
How mighty it appears!’

The Master said:
‘At last, at last, I see
A Blossom, a Blossom o’ red
From the heart of the Tree is shed.
’Tis fairer certainly
Than the Tree, or the leaves of the Tree.'

The Master cried:
‘O Angels, that guard the Tree,
A Blossom, a Blossom divine
Grows on this greenwood of mine:
What may this Blossom be?
Name this Blossom to me!’

The Master smiled;
For the Angels answered thus:
‘Our tears have nourish’d the same,
We have given it a name
That seemeth fit to us--
We have called it Spiritus.’

The Master said:
‘This Flower no Seed shall bear;
But hither on a day
My beautiful Son shall stray,
And shall snatch it unaware,
And wreath it in his hair.’

The Master smiled:
‘The Tree shall never bear--
Seedless shall perish the Tree,
But the Flower my Son’s shall be;
He will pluck the Flower and wear,
Till it withers in his hair!’



Patti Gramza said...

Ruth, Beautiful tree of life!!!!!! I love this! I went to flickr but saw the tree and one other photo of the wording FAMILY and it is beautiful as well! Deep with lace and other materials, and string pearl beads? and all! Just sooo pretty Ruth! Is this all going into a book? They are great!Hugs,Patti

Holly Stinnett said...

This is such a beautiful piece. I participated in a Tree of Life chunky book swap early last year and created pages about the Tree of Life utilizing the words from Kabbalah. I cut tiny-teeny-tiny leaves for all the trees. I think I made about 50 pages. It was fun!

Crystal said...

The Tree of Life is a subject close to my heart. This poem and your work brought tears to my eyes. Both so very beautiful and provacative. All your work is so exquisite!

Plain Jane said...

Oh yea! Tree of Life is my fave and recurring image in my work too. This is a lovely combo of felt and lace. Very nice!