Monday, September 11, 2006

paint and pen journal

This is a work in progress, I just want to play with only paint and in pen in this journal... I spent the day at Zinnia's with Kelly Kilmer she is such a great teacher, she was able to free me up so I can at long last mindlessly write in a journal! (This has been a block that I have been working on for over a year now, so I am extremely grateful!) We panted all the papers then we ripped them and sewed them up into the little journal, then we just played and learned a lot of fun stuff!


Patti Gramza said...

Always something new and beautiful coming from you Ruth! I love the colorful pages in your new paint and pen journal and the letters that appear to be whitish....paint I am thinking! :0) Keep going, it looks fabulous!Hugs,Patti

KellyKilmer said...

Thank you Ruth for sharing. Your work is amazing, it's bursting with color!!
I love it!
Hope to see you again soon...and thanks for the kind words :)