Wednesday, September 13, 2006

mother earth necklace

I went to a bead show this weekend with my girlfriend Nancy and was inspired to make this necklace for her... its the first piece of jewelry that I have made in a very long time... Many shades of golden and green pearls with red and green garnets, tourmaline and peridot warped on to a golden chain with a bay leaf dipped in gold as the centerpiece.


Shari Beaubien said...

Oh my God, Ruth! This necklace is just breathtaking!! You have such a variety of talents. Your jewelry work is gorgeous! Did you just need a break? Is that why it's been so long?

Catherine said...

She's back! And I agree, this necklace is beautiful.

Deb said...

This neclace is just incredible! I love every element... do you sell your pieces? Deb

Crystal said...

Ruth I just got lost in your blog, but had to come back to say how beautiful this necklace is. What a lucky friend!
Your kids are beautiful too-You must be one proud mama!