Friday, July 15, 2011

where blogers create 2011

I am taking part in  "my desert cottage"  
where bloggers create blog hop
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Now I share my studio and my working process all the time on my blog however when I was asked if I would like to have my studio featured in "Where Women Create"in 2009 I said
"NO WAY! I don't have that kind of space" and they said "you have a studio space don't you?" and I said "yes" and then they said "then it will be perfect!" we set up a date for a photographer to come over and shoot my space. (blog posts: here and here)

my studio in 
Where Women Create

The weeks that followed put me into a tail spin as my studio is always a mess!
(and that is on a good day! on a bad day a search party is needed to find me!)
so I pulled out half of my stuff and stashed it in the other half of the garage so my studio would look
nice and neat...
never mind that this was not the real me, I wanted my studio to at least look like I was somewhat sane and orderly.

my studio in 
Where Women Create

but with age comes wisdom and I am no longer afraid of my cluttered approach. I have embraced this part of me and would like to share how my space looks just about every day, we closed off one of the bays in the garage so my space is long and narrow. one wall is sewing related and the other is jewelry
when you come into the space this is the view of the side of my sewing table


this is the outside part where the garage doors open we put book shelves back to back so I could store items that I do not use all the time on the outside part of my space.


my space is not very large so I need to make the most out of every inch, I store vintage fabrics on these little shelves.


and here is my sewing table, I pinned my collection of tattered baby and doll dresses on the window shade, its like a fabric staned glass as it ch]

black beauty

this is my beloved singer featherweight I call her black beauty (loved that book as a girl)
now I must admit that I have a little hoarder problem when it comes to featherweight sewing machines, I own 2 more: one is white and another black one and when I find the right 222 she will be added to my featherweight collection. But Black Beauty was my first and you know what they say about your first love... well lucky for me she was so sweet that she sits on my desk and I use her often and if you ever take a workshop from me you will get to meet her and even sew with her as she travels with me but most of the time you will find her next to the BIG girl


My Bernina is what I sew on 90% of the time and if your a sewer then you understand how much you can love a sewing mechine (need I say more?)


Now this is my vagabond gypsy mannequin (its a youth size) that I have pinned bits of  my cast off art pieces onto it.

studio 2011

Here are some of her details.

studio 2011

she sits on-top of a old RIT dye time where I keep a collection of carded antique buttons and sewing notions.

studio 2011

as well as veracious needles and sewing supply's that I use.
Oh  my, now what can I say about all of these wonderful drawers?

when I spied this in an antique store a few months ago it was love at first sight! 
I knew it had to come home with me no matter that I had not a bit of space for it!
I knew I could somehow squeeze it in!This make shift peace was built by a crafts person: the hand written labels on it are original and the knobs are all different as the builder was truly cleaver and made due with what they had at hand.
I think of this unit as a piece of art and think fondly of the person who built it.


In side it I house my large collection of antique mother of pearl buttons that I keep sorted out by type and size the draws slid out so it perfect when I need to dig in and find just the right one!


in the lower boxes I keep my sewing attaments, my gloves and scrap fabric that I use when I need to try something out of when my sewing mechine is acting up and need to fix the tenshion.

Now on this wall I keep most of my fabrics and trims

studio 2011

under my cutting table  are roll away storage bins that hold dyed trim and lace

studio 2011

 these boxes hold small bits and scraps from old projects that are still usable.

studio 2011

these shelves hold ribbon, trim and cording.
studio 2011

the fabric is organized by color most of it is vintage.

studio 2011

this is a small wooden cart that I use for hammering on.

studio 2011

I decorated my little step stool with a old blouse and gave it a ruffled seat and next to the chair is my lovley old wolf dress forum that just happens to be my size! how lucky am I!? she is dressed right now in a Victorian mourning dress with a beaver skin top hat and spool sash. Iuse her often so her attire changes a lot.

studio 2011

I keep my spools of fabrics in a box. and I use a old ladder to display some of my favorite antique linens.



I keep my antique book collection 


and my jars of "stuff" collection 


studio 2011

This is work table where my beads are stored

studio 2011

the little red box holds head pins and jump-rings and the little green box has my collection of my very small antique mother of pearl buttons.

studio 2011

studio 2011

these beads are stored in floss containers by colors
the boxes above hold wire. leather and string mineral.

studio 2011

This black unit is where I store just about everything,

studio 2011

I have it organized by kepping like things on the different levels

studio 2011

 lace and button collection

studio 2011

as well as inks, thread, wire and tools.

studio 2011

so now you have seen my creative space ~


Happy Creating!

(slide show if you want to see a little more)


this is what the cleaned up stuido looked like back in 2009



kluless said...

Thank you for this marvelous tour. I have that issue of Where Women Create and ejoyed the article but THIS post is so much better!! A delight to see the real studio where the real Ruth gets her inspiration and creates. Love it!

Pretty Things said...

There's not much not to love! The gypsy mannequin is amazing, and I could spend HOURS going through your boxes and jars. I swear, my husband would call me a hoarder if he knew just how much stuff I've hidden for lack of knowing how to display it properly -- but looking at these beautiful blogs gives me some good ideas.

Your blog is one of my favorites, so much follow it now!

Anonymous said...

I have now soaked thru my third drool cloth!!! What a visual treat beyond words to visit your creative space today! The wooden drawer unit you dragged home from the antique store is to die for. I wish these items came with their stories attached. What a story this one could tell! I am so showing this post to my hubby to prove to him that I don't have the most stuff of anyone in the world. So thank you for that one too!!!

Sandy said...

It's all just beautiful. We really don't care if it is professionally put together. You can see that each area is created with love. Anyone could call this home.

Deana said...

A truly awesome space!

Kathy said...

What a wonderful space and I love how organized and tidy you are. Surrounded by all those terrific supplies, antiques and toys I know it is a great place to create your lovely work. Kathy

Cindy Craine said...

Aaahhhh! I love it all! It's all wonderful! I want to come over and sneak all those wonderful things out in a santa claus sack and sneak it all home!!! I am drooling over this page over and over. I'm bookmarking you so I can come back! Love it all!

Renee Troy said...

I do so relate to everything you do and could easily live in your studio. I find it's beauty breathtaking and extremely organized for all that you have.
It was a pleasure to take a peek into your creative world.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Wow! Your space really is wonderful! So many supplies! It really is impossible to not make a mess isn't it? Have a nice weekend! Twyla

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Ruth YOU ARE IT! Simply that. IT!!! I love your collections. The wooden drawers loaded with stuff make me stop in my tracks. What a bounty of stuff and what a beautiful inspiring spot you have created. I've long admired your work and still admire it. *smiles* Norma

MaygreenFairies said...

Ruth it is so fantastic to see your "Real" Studio space, exactly as it is every day as you live, breath and work in it... super post, thank you for sharing. Mandy x

Anonymous said...

Your little wooden drawers and tattered books are to die for! Such a beautiful studio :) Congratulations on the publication! Beautiful space you have created. Thank you for sharing!


Debbie Burkey said...

Love , Love, Love your space! All the cabinets and drawers...Fab! I just love the decorated dress forms and your Featherweight! You have great style!Really enjoy the tour through your world! Wonderful!


Kat said...

Thank you for sharing! I covet your wonderful collection of goodies =)

connie said...

I am just going to say "wow" I would love to come for a visit however you would never get rid of me!! what inspiration...

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Thank you so much for sharing your studio. You have really transformed your garage into such a cool space. I LOVE your collections & the way you organize everything.

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Ruth!
Thanks for the wonderful look into your studio! I love how you have everything displayed. A perfect creative space indeed!
Have a great day.

Dawn @ alteredartists said... drooling over here. I already liked you and now I just adore you more. Thanx for the lovely tour. I wanna come create at your place too! Fun. I love all the interesting sets of drawers. Stop by my place if you get the chance

Jo said...

Such beautiful treasures! Thanks for the tour.

Sandra Kaye said...

Wow!!! I love the drawers filled to the brim. I could snoop in them forever:):) I love featherweights, been on the search for my own. But nothing sew like a bernina. I'm just saying. Have a great day. Sandie

Gail said...

Oh my goodness! I don't know when I've seen so many storage cabinets and drawers in one space, it's all so fantastic that I'll be bookmarking this page so I can look it over again and looks like a real working studio and organized wonderfully.
Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

CATHY said...

Wow - What a room! What a collection! I love the new wooden storage with drawers. Fabulous. I am a big fan of yours….love to see your art and read your articles in the Somerset publications as well as I have visited your blog many times before. You inspired me to purchases a free motion foot for my Bernina. So much fun! I would like to win one of those contests, you know the one….. where they give you a bag and whatever you fill it up with in 5 minutes you get to keep……but in your studio! Cheers from Brussels!

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Hi Ruth Rae! What an awesome studio you have...I love all those old file fun to fill them up with treasures!
Thanks for stopping by:)

lala said...

Oh my goodness - I am speechless!!! This is such a fantastic and inspiring place to create. I love how you have treasures organized in special boxes and cubbies. Truly a crafters dream!!!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Ooooh my gawd! Well I'm so happy you have a place to create where you can fill it with your collected bits...but I have to say- I thought I had a 'stuff' problem! But you have about 10 times more stuff than me so thanks for making me feel better! :P

I'm very jealous of all your little drawer sets, if there's one thing I don't have enough (or any) of it's tiny sets of drawers.

Rusted Wings said...

amazing workspace and collections of inspiration!!!
how blessed you are...your cup runs over truly!!

Claudia said...

Ruth, I love, love your space. There are so many wonderful things, I found myself wishing I could step into your photos and explore. I remember your space from WWC - thanks for even more photos. I must admit some Featherweight jealousy. I want one so badly and I will get one someday. I had the pleasure of borrowing a friends a couple of years ago. Oh my!

Thanks so much for sharing your space with us. I think I'm going to go back and look at all the photos again.

l.wilks11 said...

Oh what an aladdins cave!!!!!
So well organised and everything in its right place. Its just like a lucky dip you don't know what you will find next......I particularly love the wig stand. I have one of those which i used when i was an apprentice hairdresser in the sixties. I will now use it like you to display my craft bits.......xx

The Feathered Nest said... Ruth!!!! Your studio is absolutely a WONDERLAND!!!! And those pieces with all the drawers are my favorite ~ I know what you mean about working them in...I have stuff in front of stuff in my room ~ thanks so much for sharing all of your goodness! hugs and love, Dawn

Terri said...

I think many of us could get lost in your studio for days. I was so attracted to those drawers...metal and wood...of course full of yummy supplies...Thank you so much for this delightful tour of your studio!

Valery said...

WOW! Your studio is fantastic. I would love to spend a day in there. I love all your cabinets for organizing and your precious Featherweight machine. Loved everthing about this space!!! Wish it was mine!

Donna said...

Wow I love All the stuff you have to create and how you store it!!!! Thank you for gving us a peek into your creative space!!!

Miss Sandy said...


Your studio is irresistibly and magically wonderful! I love that you save your "cast off" art pieces, I do that too only I put them in what I call my "oops pile" as in "oops that did not turn out like I planned!" I adore your art and that curtain with be baby clothing on it is genius. Loved the tour! Thank you for sharing your creative haven!

Obaging said...

I really like that tall brown drawer. It looks so unique.

Teresa Young said...

Your studio looks like a place I would like to spend a day and look through all your fabric, your beads, your many wonderful things to create with. Thanks for sharing...Teresa,

Tamatha said...

I remember reading about you in WWC! You have so many fun treasures, and I love all the vintage storage pieces. And yes, the sewing machine is the most important piece in my studio too!
Thanks for sharing,

Karen Valentine said...

I love it best just like this!!! It look so well loved and well used! Just the way a creative space should be! You have some amazing storage pieces in there and once I find myself coveting my neighbors things!! LOL!! Congrats on you article in WWC. It was fun wasn't it?? Thanks for joining the party!

Rita Barakat said...

I love it all! It so reminds me of me - if I dont see it I wont remember to use it !!! I love allthe vintage fabric and dresses so pretty!

WindandHoney said...

I am very very jealous of all those black drawers. How organized and cute to boot!

Debbie said...

Ruth, you know I'm a fan, have been from the first time I meet you at the "ART NEST" in 2010!! It was my first art retreat ever and you made it amazing!!
Thanks again for sharing all your great talent, still love the earrings I bought!!(remember I was the big check lady)
Thanks again!!

Susanne said...

Love all your vintage storage pieces. I have a few small pieces, just makes getting supplies out more fun.

Nook & Cranny said...

What can I say other than; FANTASTIC space.
I love every single picture. So much to look at.
I specially loved your Wolf dress form she is stunning and love the spool sash, so creative.
Thanks so much for the tour.

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Ruth Rae,
Oh my what a lovely work space you have. I think it's well organized and you definitely deserve to be in WCC. I have all the issues and can spend hours flipping through those pages.
I have tried and tried to acquire a Singer Featherweight, but no success and you have two! I do have a 99k which is a tiny blackie, but I just love the 221.
I've enjoyed the tour of your great work space, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Magic Gypsy said...

What a wonderful studio - so much stuff. It seems that creativity flourishes in clutter for most of us. Thank you for sharing!

Something Special said...

So happy to have found your blog through the blog hop. I am stricken with your studio. I love it and what a fantastic honor to been featured in Where women create. You are awesome!

Lynnae said...

You can see much more here than in the magazine. Your space is so pretty. You sure have some great storage cabinets!


Ahh...what a gorgeous place to create in! To die for! I would love to have a place like yours. I could get lost in that room, and come out with lots of things I would have created. I love so many things...especially that antique drawers of yours!
Enjoy your space...happy creating!
By the way, congratulations on being featured in a magazine!
Have a beautiful day,