Monday, December 06, 2010

on the 6th day...

Jackie Allison gift warped 

for me in a delightful ode to Santa red felt wrapping complete with bell


and pinned closed with a vintage Christmas tree brooch
A package that I have been enjoying over the last 2 weeks for its cleverness and over the top Holiday spirit!

But now its time to open so I can view the splendor she has worked up this year...


oh look...
I spy a frozen Charlotte...


and behold this little winged beauty ... housed in a antique candy mold with a touch of glistening gold adorned with a vintage chandelier crystal flower and a shining star to guide her way.


And here she is on my tree.
Thank you Jackie,  Brilliant job as always! you never disappoint!
I wish I could share with you more of  Jackie's work as each year her ornaments take my breath away, I adore her style and if she did have a blog I would surely be her #1 stalker Fan!

Now tomorrow is my day and there is still time to enter to win what ever it is that I open on my blog tomorrow so head on over here for your chance to win!


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