Friday, July 09, 2010

Modern Romance (new in my shop)

I must fully admit the obvious, I am a magpie girl and my heart beats a little faster when ever I come across something that has been cherished, tattered, frayed and kissed by time.

To create my modern day romance I dipped into my beloved antique mother of pearl Victorian button collection. I dyed and cobbled soft velvet ribbon and vintage lace that I hand and machine stitched to embellish.

sections of vintage and antique glass, lucite and mother of pearl shank buttons along with beads were strung together and croshayed with a colored thread.

to create these versatile pieces of jewelry that may be worn as a necklace

earthly delights
earthly delights

or wrapped around your wrist to become a bracelet.
This dusty lavender one has been on my wrist for the last few weeks.


and I must say I am very smitten by this red one!
(I may have to make one just for me!)


Please enjoy this slide show of all the details:

and if you would like to have a little modern romance for your wrist or neck they are For sale here




katilady said...


MosaicMagpie said...

I sure am glad I am a follower, because I would not have wanted to miss these. Fellow magpie girl!

Frivolitea said...


martha brown said...

OMG -- I love these! Are you vending at AU?

Stephani said...

Sweet! :)

Omz said...

Dear Ruth, My daughter, Dana and I Just took your class in Utah at The Art Nest. We are already planning our next book. We had such a good time sewing with you.

I just finished Kelly Rae's ecourse on "making a creative business" and I am trying to venture out into the art world on my own. I have lots of "old things" from my family that I want to share with others that also have a love for the left or forgotten pieces of time.

I hope if you have time you will watch me take my steps for a while and visiting me on

And I LOVE your necklace/bracelets. They are so vintage looking and very one of a kind. Beautiful! You are so smart.

see you soon on the web


Dave Huddleston said...

I'm not sure what I am loving more, your great new jewelry look or your wonderful photos! Everything looks beautiful.

jenny said...

Absolutely stunning - LOVE them!!

kecia said...

these are WONDERFUL Ruth! i love how you can wear them as a necklace or bracelet. they are very dreamy and romantic at the same time; but they also have that gypsy flair that i like - yummy!