Tuesday, March 09, 2010

adorn me

The night before I left for Houston I knew I was coming down with something...
on the air plain it was evident this I was more then just a little sick. I arrived the day before and made a Bea line to bed! every second not teaching was spent in this bed.

I made it out once to go out for a few supply's that I needed teach my class. As Luck had it each day I was able to pull myself together and teach. My students were a joy! they supported me and were understanding of my sickness. The hard part for me when teaching sick is my fear that I will get my students sick (I hope you are all well!) every one made some amazing things sadly I was did not have the energy to take any photos to share.

Here you have my view of Houston from my bed...

No out on the town dinning for me it was room service the whole time!

Photo from Pam's blog and camera, taken by Diane Cook.

This was my last night in Houston and here you have a small group of us on vendor night
From left to right is me, Amy Hanna, Pam Garrison, Stephanie Rubiano, and Diana Frey.
Adorn me was a great success! Big Thanks to Linda for putting on yet one more great advent!

I arrived home on Saturday and Yesterday was my first real day out of bed and today I find my self not 100% but on my way back to recovery.
Truly there is no place like home!



Renee Troy said...

As always, Dorothy is quoted when it comes to home...
I'm glad you had a successful trip in spite of not feeling well and that are on your way to a full recovering.

Patti G. said...

Ruth, ohhh I am so sorry you were sick at Houston! You are diligent and did not want to disappoint your classes. I wish that could have went differently for you!!
I am sure that everyone was so happy that you taught and they had some time with you--but sorry you suffered through it all!
Sending hugs,Patti