Wednesday, August 19, 2009

stampington demo at the art bar

I am still away on vacation with my family at the beach however
Last week I attended
Stampington & Company's 2009 Launch Party!
(view all the fun here)

me and my little Ebony made a public sewing appearance.
(she is a singer featherweight, she is 9 pounds and was born in 1934)

if you would like to see us sew you can here
my daughter Sarah took all the photos and you can read a little about her here



WingingIt said...

could you and your machine be any cuter? i don't think so! thanks for sharing and have a great time!

Tejae Floyde said...

Absolutely adorable picture!!

Tejae Floyde said...

Absolutely adorable picture!!

Sabii Wabii said...

Well what a double whammy. I love the ART BAR and I love Singer Featherweights! Your new scarf is to die for!