Friday, February 20, 2009

a more lyrical life: "The Art of Presentation"

"I love you not for what you are but for what I am when I'm with you"
~roy croft

("when I'm with you" poetry heart)

Today was one of these days that just fell into place...

All the little details seamed to be a lined.

the sun was out and the sky was blue.

I had some projects that needed to be completed and some parcels that needed to be boxed up and sent off.

("knowledge and the skill" packaging)

I have said it many times for me it the end results its the little details, warping things up and sending them off into the world, this is what truly brings joy to me.

(a small peek at one of 3 packages that went out today)

After picking the kids up from school I came home to this:

"The Art of Presentation"
A small interview written by Amanda Crabtree about what inspires me to come up with packing ideas. you can find it in the spring 2009 Belle Armoire jewelry.
It was a nice way to end my day ~

(I worked on a set of found poetry today.
here is just one that I completed: its layers of book pages sewn onto muslin
the words were circled with a
graphite pencil. please click on the photo to read it)



jane eileen said...

very very cool
very very inspiring
very very funky

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

just beautiful !

barbara burkard said...

STUNNING...i often times look at the prayer pillow that i got as part of a swap from you and in it's tiny bitness of so hangs above my studio table for the moments when i need it!


ger said...

I love the found poetry piece...

Kelly said...

you are the queen of presentation!

Seth said...

The found poetry is such a clever idea. The layers and stitches are the prefect way to present it!

tangled stitch said...

This entry is beautiful. Beautiful work in a place that looks warm and lovely. Beautiful.


I love all the red stitching - that really is a gorgeous shade of red you have there! x

connie said...

as kelly has said you are the queen of presentation! I received my package on saturday. Ruth, words can not describe how touched and excited I was just too see the postal envelope! as I opened it, I saw the most beautiful envelope...not only the are you the queen of presentation but also creativity! I love, love my heart and found poetry piece. I just want to hug you! I'm posting my lovely package on my blog!

Kim said...

I admit to stalking (only with the best of intentions of course, lol)your blog for some time now and am always left feeling uplifted and very creatively inspired. Thankyou for that and for taking the time to post your work and inspire others.

Chris said...

Your piece "The Art of Presentation" was inspired and inspiring~ Thank you for your artful viewpoint and your generosity in sharing it~