Saturday, July 26, 2008

long beach quilt show

this is 1 am blogging at its beast.... wow what a day at the quilt show so many people! it was a mob seen ! now how sweet to have a supportive friend like traci with her trusty iphone in hand taking a shot of me in action .

Now please note I really do have eyes and you have to give me full credit for posting this less the flattering photo of my self but Traci posted these to twitter so its already out they is cyber space so what is a girl to do!?

here is a sweet shot of myself along with Tracy Bautista and Marry Stanly .
Today I will take some more shots it was a little crazy for me yesterday and I forgot to take photos.



Scrappy Jessi said...

hey ruth,
you look so cute.
looks like you guys had a ball.
maija's friend.

Sharon said...

Ya'll are so cute. YOu have the bestest smile

Kristen Robinson said...

so sad we are on vacation and I missed all of the fun! You look great my friend.

HappyDayArt! said...

I love late night blogging! Up to the date posts about what is happening to our brightest star Ruth! Did you really sew those ATC's all day?


Kelly said...

it looks like it was a huge success! i'm bummed i couldn't come. but you guys look so cute and like you are having much fun.

art spirit said...

Hi seeing you at the Quilt me if you want any Scrim...
Mary Stanley