Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Show Me Wednesday--Your Dressform

I have been struggling to blog more, but it has become a challenge as I am up to my ears working on my fabric art book and I really can not share what I have been making so when I discovered show me Wednesday I was one happy girl!
today we are sharing our dress form or forms
(please join in on this as I would love to see yours!)

I have dreams to one day acquire a true vintage dress form
like this or even one like this
but for now I have this lovely child size one!

You will find her simply dripping with
WEDDING Trade Beads and conus shells
most days.

But a few weeks ago I decided that I needed a apron that expressed the true me!

This is the Prof that I am a nerd at heart!
just in case I forget my name!
its a little slot that I added to hold my business cards.

and we must never forget to inspire!

I used Kukui nuts
on the back of my neck strap so it looks like I have on a necklace.
and I used some crazy stitching to connect the ribbon to the tie.

I stamp text on coffee stained muslin then I created the ties.

and we must always have heart so that we:

"Let The Beauty We Love Be What We Do"



Cathy said...

Ruth, what a wonderful dressform and I love the tribal beads. They're just beautiful! Are those also large shells? They're really cool and I love the apron you created. What a fun idea to create an apron to express yourself--sort of like an inspiration apron. Hmm...I may have to try that sometime. Thanks so much for joining us and don't forget--next week is our sewing machines! ;)

Cathy :)

Ruth Rae said...

I updated my post to read that the beads on my form are WEDDING Trade Beads and conus shells.

Kelly Snelling said...

your apron is even more lovely than you described. i love it! i love the colors mixed with all the different patterns. it sings!

Nellie said...

Oh, I love your dress form and how it shows off the beads. I also, love the colors of your aprons. Great job...

Catherine said...

This is a really cute post Ruth. What a nice apron! We must always have a heart like the one you sewed on there! I can see that you are working hard at everything. It is all so beautiful!


Cindy Dean said...

I love your apron. So original!

Cindy In Carolina said...

Thank you for sharing. The last picture and words brings tears to my eyes.

Patti G. said...

Ruth, I am here to share a hug and smile over alllllllllll your last uploads! I adore your apron, your board, ALL of it! <3 Just wonderful sweetie! Hope all is well with you! Smooches!

Patti G. said...
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Gilding the Lily said...

Ruth: I love, love, love your apron, but related to your previous post, I have serious dish envy now, after seeing your recycled glass dishes! They'll be on my wish list of scheduled acquisitions...they are gorgeous! Hugs, Nancy

Maija said...

Rutn! That's a fabulous apron!!
I'm going to sign up for the dress form thing.

Kristen Robinson said...

You're addicted to aprons and I love it!!!!!!

aleciagrimm said...

Wow! THat apron is lovely! Great blog.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

All I want to say is fabulous!
xoxo Nita