Tuesday, October 02, 2007

book is complete and art studio's

I had a really bad cold! and it may have taken me three boxes of tissue
(puffs with lotion) and 2 boxes of Tylenol cold medication and many cups of hot mint tea... but this past week Kelly and I feverishly completed "A Charming Exchange" and it is now in the hands of our #1 craft editor with 8 more piece of jewelry on there way to her. With the BIG part of this project behind us Kelly and I can now spend some much needed time with our family's that must believe that we have up and joined an art cult!

(this is are new, almost done outdoor fire place we had dinner outside the last 2 nights trying to decided what kid of table we want to get, we are leaning towards round)

As promised here are the 2 amazing art studio I got to visit when I was in Reno:

The first one belongs to mixed media artist Nancy Nelson and I must add that this studio was totally organized until I showed up and completely trashed it! Nancy is one amazing collector of all things vintage!

This is the weaving studio of Toni Lowden the driving force behind Artouring, Artouring offers a cultural “behind the scenes” look at the artistic community that makes its collective home in the Reno-Tahoe-Virginia City area. Tours take you into the artist’s studios that are not normally open to the public, to meet and talk with them and to see their work.

I will be heading back to Reno at the end of the mouth to teach a 2 day mixed media art jewelry work shop along with Nancy and Toni for the artouring group.

But for now I need to pack up for a little rest and relaxation trip to Puerto Vallarta, mexico, I leave this Saturday, I am a lucky girl! I can not wait to be inspired by all the local art and colors!



martha said...

I'm sorry that you have a cold, but Yay! You're finished! Your family will have you back! I LOVE your outdoor fireplace area -- and Nancy's studio looks wonderful.

lori said...

Ruth ~I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your article in the Sept/Oct issue of Cloth Paper Scissors,beautiful work. Hope you get to feeling better real soon!

sallyt said...

I trust you're all better by now. You and Kelly have done a fantastic job with that book. Can't wait to see it. Hey, Ruth, you've been tagged for the middle name game. Check out my latest blog post at http://sallyt.typepad.com

Jes said...

OHHH! I am IN LOVE with your new outdoor patio space and fireplace!! WOW!

So glad you two are finally taking some time to sit back and enjoy your lives and families! YOU BOTH DESERVE IT!


wyanne thompson said...

Hope you get well very soon. Sorry to hear about your cold. I really enjoy your work and blog. Many blessings!

Corrine said...

Hi Ruth, Just to let you know your lovely art quilt Je Temie has made it down under safe and sound. I love it. Thank you so much. I hope your cold moves on quickly.

Marnie said...

That outdoor fireplace is AMAZING!

Evoke-Designs by Lorraine said...

Hey Ruth, where are you? Just checking in...I hope you are feeling better these days!