Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mary Ashby (little bird)

I made this for a vintage banner exchange... I have no business joining swaps and exchanges as I am still writing my book! But I guess its the rebel in me, I just love to do everything but what I am supposed to do! ( does this make me a procrastinator?)

"Mary Ashby"
(little bird)
I stitched a vintage belt buckle used as a frame for this little scrap of ledger paper from 1871
that reads "Mary Ashby" I think she would like this banner that I created around her name :)
I used felt as my base then I use some old sheet music lots of lace and a vintage "happy new years card" with a bird on it.

two mother of pearls buttons, one I altered with a rubber stamp and some ink, old velvet leaves
and a pearl clip on earring along with some tinsel and some pearl trim, glitter letters with the word "JOY" and some pom pom fringe . and a candler crystal.
This is the back of the banner
and this is Bruizer he was following me around as I was taking these pictures :)
(oh my! I just noticed that my banner looks like my dog!!! you just never know where inspiration can come from!)

"a little bird"

A little bird
Perches on a branch.
A beautiful, golden-feathered
Little bird.

Her eyelids
Are closed in sleep.
She may have beautiful dreams,

How wonderful to be
A little bird,
To wake up
And fly away.

by Magdalena Klein



martha said...

I LOVE this banner, and hahahaha, it DOES look like your dog! This is a wonderful poem. I'm going to teach it to my students in the spring. One of the other teachers complained that I often use poems that don't rhyme. She doesn't really "get" poetry, does she?
p.s. you're not procrastinating -- you're adding richness into your creative life. You can't just work on one thing ALL the time

Sanja said...

awwwwwwww...your banner is fantastic!!!

Patti G. said...

Ruth, that is sooooooo hilarious! The colors and all, the shape of his face, and then your banner! Toooooo cute! He is adorable by the way! :0) Your beautiful artwork never stops amazing me! Each little detail shines! LOVE it Ruth! Hugs,Patti

knitsteel said...

I've noticed that a lot of creative people have rat terriers. I guess they are inspiring! I like how you treat the back as carefully as the front.

catharinas-love said...

What a great job , your banner !
I love it very much
Rini The Netherlands

shirleymcc said...

this is amazing! I just love it!!!

Vickie said...

That is the cutest thing I ever saw! (And so is your dog!)

ellene said...

I love the richness, and the tulle~ beautiful work, and adorable dog.

Elaine Kerr said...

We must subconsciously draw from what's around us...even from dogs! When I proudly showed my son my new blog banner a few months back (I worked so hard on it) he semi-scoffed "Hrumpf, it looks just like the living room". So there you go. : P

art-creations said...

i love it and i cant wait to hold it in my hands. The banner will hang on my studiodoor.
Love your fabric artwork!!

Leau said...

You and me and Einstein! Can't get much better company than that! Dyslexics Rule!! And it is obvious that your wise teacher knew how to tap into your greatest strength. I love, love your stuff and your honesty. (heart) Leau
in the Land of Enchantment, friend of Raine and Judith, fellow language struggler and great admirer of everything that you do!

Healing Expressions said...

HI Ruth..Trying to visit favorite blogs finaly tonight! This fabric piece is just stunning! You ahve such a gift to share and what a blessing it is that we can partake of it! Congrats on your milestone post as well!

Sue McGettigan said...

The banner is just beautiful and - LOL - it DOES look like your dog!!

Anonymous said...

So I just googled my name as I do every so often when I'm bored. (Mary Ashby) Whoa. That's my name on some vintage paper. Crazy.