Friday, September 14, 2007

"The Art of Procrastination!"

"Anyone can do any amount of work providing it isn't the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment."
~Robert Benchley

(close up of "wisdom")

I think my next book will be called
"The Art of Procrastination!"
here is a view of my desk top and in the background behind youtube (Damien Rice) you can see that I am trying too get the words down for "A Charming Exchange", our dead line is at the end of this month. Kelly and I had a meeting of the minds a few days ago and we worked on who needed to do what for our book.

this is my manuscript that I am working from, when I received this in the mail, weeks ago the excitement quickly turned to fear... I said to my self : "oh my this looks like home work! I do not do home work very well"! and "oh my how ever will I do this!?"

(a peek at the manuscript)

if you read my blog , you would have noticed that I have a quirky spelling style...
I am extremely dyslexics , I was so good at overcompensating in school that I was not diagnosed until I was in the 4Th grade ( this was in the 70's when California's class room size's were 38 kids to a room) when a teacher noticed that I was holding a book upside down reading a passage out loud... much testing followed and at the age of 11, I was barley reading at a second grade level... again being a child of the 70's this was all going on before they had special classes for learning disabled kids there was not yet a distinction between learning disability's and handicaps, so I was pulled from normal classes and put in with Handicapped children, because they felt that they could give me one on one action that I needed in hopes that I could catch up some how... I always knew I was different, I always knew I did not get things like other's but when they put me in a class with kids with down syndrome and brain damage who were strapped into wheel chairs, it was hard to understand at such a young age, I understood that even if my lot in life was hard others still had it harder. and a challenge after all is not a challenge with out some difficultly.

As the years passed, with a lot of hard work, I was able to break the code with in my head and understand that how I see and process is different from the masses. By high school I was reading at a 7Th grade level and was main streamed to "normal" classes.

( Baxter my small dog is sitting on my BIG manuscript)

As I sit here trying to write this book, there is some fear... in many ways I am still the 11 year old girl who does not understand, but I never say never, and I only say "I can't do it" a few time because I know that I really can. I think back to my amazing 4Th grade teacher, miss Falkner who discovered that I had a special gift, she loved my drawings and told me that I would be a good child's book illustrator.

But as I grew my art went from drawing to Jewelry and mixed media and
"A Charming Exchange" will be the book and its time to get it written! so I will stop with my procrastination and get back to work!

("wisdom" full view )

"Procrastination is my sin.
It brings me naught but sorrow.
I know that I should stop it.
In fact, I will - tomorrow!
Gloria Pitzer



shirleymcc said...

this is so beautiful - a wonderful diversion from your manuscript.

Judy Scott said...

You are a star Ruth ~ never forget that Jx

Cindy In Carolina said...

You don't know me, but, I think your work is sooo beautiful and I have all the confidence in the world in your abilities. You can do it, just stop putting it off. Once you start it will go easy. I just feel it.

kelly snelling said...

well you've brought tears to my eyes. you really are one of the most creative, talented, intelligent girls i know. you can do this with both hands tied behind your back, ruth. just get out of your own way and get it done! we will pull it all together (and both stop procrastinating) and will be so happy when it is Done! and we have an editor to check our work so there's always that bonus. now quit sewing already or i'm coming over there...should i bring some of those cheese buns with me? lol!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Ruth . . .Waste not, want not. The sooner you start, the sooner you can look back and celebrate things being done! Now get to work. LOL xoxo, Tonia

Judy Wise said...

I've always thought procrastination was part of the project? I think of it as the part where you are building up a big head of steam (the pressure!) that blows the work out into the world. I never do a project without a good deal of procrastination at the beginning.

Catherine said...

Me too! I waste time on everything else and when there is just enough time for the project and not really a minute more, I work on it even all night until it is done. I was like that in high school with papers too. So well, there you have it. You're still thinking. I like the quotes you have here.

Oh but you better watch out or Kelly's coming over.

Elaine Kerr said...

"Get out of your own way"...guilty, guilty, guilty. Kelly is so wise and I must listen.

She's also right about your talent, Ruth. After looking at your incredible creations I have to step back from the computer and go away for a while because I get so over-inspired by its beauty and your inventiveness. Or maybe I'm just hyperventilating with all the sighs!

School is tough at the best of times and for some kids it's worse. I'm happy that you've overcome so much, have great kids, a great life (you look like you have a lot of fun) and most certainly a great new book.

Beate Knappe said...

I'm have Dyslexia too, but what?
I have severals tools to help me on my PC.
you really are one of the most creative, talented woman on the net - that is important, not the other stuff.
I know how you feel, believe me.
But, all I can say is: just do it!!!!!
and it will be great.

Maija said...

Congratulations for coming full circle, Ruth!
I will share your story with my son Nick, who also has severe dyslexia. Thanks for the inspiration!

Gunnels blog said...

Your art is so wonderful Ruth! You know we are many many here in the blogworld who just loves what you create! And we all have something we try hard with............

Patti G. said...

Ruth, if you would just realize that everything you say and do are an inspiration and the fact that you doubt and struggle in some way, mainly through your thoughts and we'll call it , taking your time.......heheheh, you make yourself relatable to ALL OF US, we love you and support you and know you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to! Go girl!!

Judy said...

As we say down here...
"She'll be right mate"!

Ruth, stop worrying - you are an amazing talent,artist and friend - you'll get it done - I have no doubt.

Beaming you over some good energy to finish - just like I had from all my blogging mates around the world - and i finished my project.


alex said...

Thank you so much for your generosity Ruth! That is a story that needed sharing. As the mother of a learning disabled child it makes my heart soar to know that some day she might be a fabulously gifted artist and teacher, just like you!

(I am all about procrastination...maybe I can be the cover girl for your next book! :-)

Michele said...

Hi, love, love to look at your beautiful all comes together so mesmerizingly. Love it, too, that you are a Sufjan fan...didn't know he was on anybody else's radar. Thanks for posting his station.

Raine K said...

Hi Ruth,
Just wanted to let you know that YOU ROCK!!
You have been such an inspiration to me as an artist - your work is so layered and full of depth.
Thanks for sharing about your struggles with dyslexia - we all have our particular mountain to climb - and you seem to have totally conquered yours!

Sue McGettigan said...

Oh dear, I'm a major procrastinator, that little poem cracks me up! I love this art piece, the layers are riveting.

Congrats to you on persevering through your dyslexia - now you're writing books!