Sunday, July 08, 2007

Two day workshop with Teesha Moore

so what happens when you pull out your camera and it says "no CF card" you cry a little then you more on! lucky for me Holly had her camera and took this shot of my daughter Sarah , myself and Sandy.

Look at this wonderful girly glam doll that Holly created for me and gave to me at our class!!!
now my body has never looked like this but me oh my I sure wish it did!!!

this is the folder that I made in Tesssa's class to hold journal pages that we had painted and started to journal on

This is the folder all open with a few of my pages, on the side is the front and back of the folder. I had so much fun in this class! I have forgotten how much I love to play with paper, paint and glue!

Day 2 was the fabric journal! Teesha's class samples were so amazing!

(a little peek at my work station.)

( Fabric Journal)

and here is my journal... I have a long way to go... I need to add a lot of embellishments and 4 more signatures before I can even began to journal in this! I had such a great weekend getting to know new people and working out of my own box... I truly enjoy seeing how others create, to spend a little time in some one creative process is so amazing to me. Teesha is such a kind and giving person, I had fun playing in her world a little... and yes my head is turning on how I can put my own take and adapt her book into my own process :)



kelly snelling said...

that card from Holly make me happy just looking at it. you have the such a great joyful smile, ruth. and i bet you were busy making sure you had all your class supplies (and that the kids had everything they needed) and that made you forget your camera storage card. phooey. i hope you were able to make a go of it with your phone camera. by the way, friend, all your photos are backwards. check out the text. hee, hee. just a typical day! i can't wait to see your projects from class.

artsyfran said...

Ruth, these are great. I'm taking this class in Octoer with Teesha, here in AZ. I'm even more excited now! Thanks for sharing your experience and your joy! :) Fran

Judy said...

the card look great - i love the one with the hand in the eye the best. Hope you had a great time.

Holly Stinnett said...

Ruth!! It was great spending the day with you at Teesha's class. What fun and I love what you created... but yes... you must take better pictures once you get home that aren't backwards! lol

Take good care,

One Crabapple said...

Your Unbound Journal is coming out great !
Looking forward to seeing your pages AND the Fabric Journal from the next day's class !

It was wonderful meeting you and your lovely daughter.

Love, S.

Ruth Rae said...

I took new pitchers :)
so the post is fixed now :)

lindaharre said...

What a fun workshop......and to sit with Sandy, one of my favorite people!!!! How lucky you are! I am excited to follow up and see your book when published. Congrats on a LARGE SCALE are in order!!!!! Love your blog and will be back:D Linda

Holly Stinnett said...

Hi again, Ruth! Oh... you fixed the pictures... they look great now. And what a lovely fabric journal you made. I'm so happy you had a good time on the 2nd day!!!

martha said...

I'm so glad that Holly had her camera -- you all look like you are having so much fun -- and you made some beautiful pages! But c'mon, it's a bit unrealistic --- where are your rubber gloves? hahahaha -- I know that they're hiding behind you somewhere........

Maija said...

Both of those days look like they were filled with creativity!!
Your daughter is just as beautiful as Kelly said. I love your little "Ruth Dolly"...I just adore Holly!