Friday, July 13, 2007

Tree of Life

I am so intrigued with the tree of life image, that when I saw this LibraSunDesigns- Handmade Ceramic Pendants on Etsy, I just had to have it! I received it in the mail yesterday and I went right to work on it! and came up with this necklace. I can not wait to get dressed so I can put it on today!

I used some amazing faceted yellow opals on twisted 14k gold wire along with white keishi peals, Faceted Peridot Briolettes
I even pulled out my special dimond bead Brioletts !

When I was a little girl The Giving Tree was my favorite book... I would read it over and over again and when I had my kids, it was one of those books that I was always so over joyed when a chubby little had pulled it from the shelf for me to read to them!

The Oak and The Rose
By: Shel Silverstine

An oak tree and a rosebush grew,
Young and green together,
Talking the talk of growing things-
Wind and water and weather.
And while the rosebush sweetly bloomed
The oak tree grew so high
That now it spoke of newer things-
Eagles, mountain peaks and sky.
"I guess you think you're pretty great,"
The rose was heard to cry,
Screaming as loud as it possibly could
To the treetop in the sky.
"And now you have no time for flower talk,
Now that you've grown so tall."
"It's not so much that I've grown," said the tree,
"It's just that you've stayed so small."



kelly snelling said...

it is gorgeous! this pendant reminds me of those we saw at that bead show in pomona. i hope you got it for a better price than those! and the stones you used are spectacular. it looks like it is dripping in lemons. divine! p.s. my computer is fried. i lost all my email addresses and my entire email account as well as i lost all my bookmarks. bleh. major virus scan going on over here. scary!

knitsteel said...

What a beautiful piece, the pendant yes, but you've finished it off into the perfect necklace that expresses your view of the tree of life.

Judy Scott said...

Oh Ruth another masterpiece ~ what beauty and I just love the story of the Oak and the Rose, Jx

Judy said...

OMG Moment again - hehehehehe.
The giving tree was the only favourite book of my middle son's, I am sure I have told you this so sorry if I am repeating myself.
Love that Tree of Life too, i am sure it looks great on you.

artbeth67 said...

Beautiful, Ruth!!!

Beth :)

ellene said...

that is gorgeous ruth! That was a favorite of mine also, and I saw some children 'act' it out at an artsy summer camp a few years ago, and I almost cried! Lovely pendant~