Wednesday, June 13, 2007

read the directions

My Time is not my own any more! Making Jewelry for the book has taken over my life!
there was a Mob of hungry people in my studio yelling at me last night telling me it was time to go out to dinner to eat (now make note, they do not have to yell at me to cook dinner because they know that this does not happen any more, they just wanted to go out to eat and still they had to yell!)

(hungry mob leader!)

I tyred really hard to get out of this "try some thing you have never done before swap" But when the Hostess comes to your house and and ask you were are your cards for her swap...
well then you have no choice other then to create! LOL
so here you have it "my made with some watching over my shoulder" metal foil tape and alcohol ink atc cards...
I did have fun making them :)
if I had more time I would have made them more like frames and added a hanging element.

if you try alcohol inks read the directions before you start not after you have finished like I did,
they are a little stinky and I almost passed out from breathing the fumes :)



martha said...

Your hungry mob leader is so beautiful (don't tell him I said beautiful, maybe tell him I said "an angry pirate", LOL)
I have lots of alcohol inks. they are still in their packages in the paper bag that I brought them home from the store in . A year ago. Maybe someday I'll use them. Your ATCs look very cool. Don't let your book suck your enjoyment out of life!!!

kelly snelling said...

your cards are gorgeous. and you Did have fun making them. i was there to hear you Guffawing!! but maybe you just hoofed up too many fumes from those inks. and don't listen to that silly martha. be sure to let the book suck every bit of pleasure out of your life. haw, haw. i'll be there to ransack your closet for a creative new hat which will make you remember that even working like a dog can be fun if you are working with the right sort of crazy person.

texcilla said...

I just hand mine a stack of coupons and tell them to pick up the phone and order out! so much simpler...He is a beautiful, er, angry pirate!

~M said...

I LAUGHED when you made the statement about "stinky fumes"!!
I took a class with Tim Holtz (pusher/seller/teacher of the 'stinky fumes' stuff!) and after several hours of being in a small closed room with 20-some people, all doing the alcohol inks...I raised my hand, Tim said, "yes Mary?" and I grinned like the Chesire Cat and said, "Tim, I think I'm STONED!!!"
Everyone else turned around and grinned, too!
He laughed - I guess that happens alot.
Your cards came out way cool and your MOB LEADER is a cutie! Give him the phone #'s of the delivery places!

Jenniwren said...

Hello, I just found your blog, and had to say that your art is amazing! I have always been a sewer/patchworker/ embroiderer, and am now a paper crafter, and have dabbled with mixing the two mediums together, but more by adding fabric to my paper instead of the other way around. You have inspired me to "mix it up" more, and I cant wait to get started. Thank you. You are my new favorite blogger!


Judy said...

LOL!!! i'll come over and cook you a nice Persian feast one day. Gorgeous mob leader!

Jo Wholohan said...

LOL I obsessed over this swap!!!! Isnt it funny how you get so into your own little corner of what you do with art and its so hard to come out of it.

Jes said...

EEEEE....the hungry mob leader is frightening indeed!! Do what he says...PLEASE! LOL


Maija said...

That hostess needs a good spanking! Imagine her driving out to your house for such a thing!
I have that same mob at my house, with a cute kid leading the charge!