Thursday, April 19, 2007


There are parts of me that are fearless but I have to admit that part of me was on vacation yesterday when I created The Art for “A Charming Exchange: Connect—Create—Collaborate”
the book that Kelly and I are writing (with art being contributed from 30 online friends) How intimidating it was for me to think that something that I created could be on the cover of a book! I must say that I beat myself up most of yesterday feeling defeated and full of self doubt...

The challenge of this book is the collaborative part... there is a trick to working with things that you have not created, the yin and yang of being able to be in full control is off balance in many ways, but then there is a added element of inspiration you get from working with someones art.

Around 10 last night I walked away... ready to cry... I told myself it would look better in the morning that I was just being to hard on my self...

Around 6am this morning I half asleep walked into my stuido and as sure as the sun did shine so did the bracelet that I had created! it was happy and sparkly sitting on my table it smiled at me and said "look at me, I am wonderful!" and it was all full of love from the girls that worked on it with me! thank you so much to my special cover girl crew
Deryn Mentock, Kelly Snelling, Catherine Witherell, Jes Berry & Crystal Neubauer for your contributions to this project!

now I do so wish that I could share the whole thing with all but all I can share is this tiny little peek:

This is the holder that I created to house the Bracelet as it travels to Ohio for its photo shoot next week!
The creative muse she has a funny way of hiding from us when we need her the most... or is she really always with us and our fear is just a big as gift as our creativity ?
fear really after all is only growing pains!



Patti G. said...

Ruth, you are like so many of us, questioning ourselves and being so critical of ourselves,..........your writing for the book will be fantastic, let your muse and your art soul rejoice in your talents! THEY ABOUND!!!!!!!!! There is nothing you cannot do my dear!!! I know you will do a great job of combining the words with the art and it will be a great success! HUGS For you and I ache thinking you cry tears over your doubt! I wish I could cheer you up, but see that worked it self out anyways! <3
YOU are wonderful...remind yourself of that for me ok? Hugs,Patti

Jo Wholohan said...

You have tis wonderful ability to put what you are thinking down into words so well Ruth!!! Im still working on that LOL Anyway doubt is part of everything girl, you will get past it, soldier on :)) Your art is wonderful!!!

inventivesoul said...

I am glad that your story had a cheerful ending!
You are *so* loved! And it was sad for me to read that you felt those sad feelings.
You can get through this and be SO proud! You are a STAR!!!
And I see you shining! (For years now) You are FUN and FABULOUS,, and I believe that EVERYTHING you put out there is good enough to be in a book! YAY RUTH!
And I like how the bracelet shined, and sparkled...that was beautiful! Remember, you add that sparkle to all that you do!
Amber Dawn

Crystal said...

I can't wait for everyone to see how awesomely you brought this together Ruth! I am so proud and grateful to have been a part of it.

kelly snelling said...

you are a SuperStar! i'm sorry you struggled like that. here i am flitting about and you were there steering the ship. thank you ruth for your creativity, devotion, and superior talents! i'm so proud of you and to be working with you. xoxo

primdollie said...

you are an amazing artist and I so love your work as do so many others so believe in yourself dear!! you should be so proud of your work it's so sensational and brilliant!! it always makes me happy and I feel the warmth and love you put into each and every piece!!! wish I could see this I am here in Ohio!!!!! hehehe!! Hugs Love Linda