Monday, March 26, 2007


Fleeting, originally uploaded by ruthrae.

I am off to artfest !!!
To turn 41 and come back full of inspiration!

My Instructors will be:
Patricia Seggebruch
Anne Bagby
Susan Lenart Kazmer

I will be back on Monday with a ton of photo's to share!



kristin said...

cheers to you!! what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday!! happy, happpy to you!! x

Waltraud said...

This little collage is wonderful.
Happy birthday!

Gisele said...

Happy Birthday Ruth & have a wonderful time at artfest......look forward to reading all about it on your return :)

liz said...

have a WONDERFUL time!! and HAPPY, HAPPY birthday!!
liz xx

Patti G. said...

Ruth, I know you will have a glorious time!!!!!!!!! ENJOY, I will be thinking of you arting all week and loving the experience meeting new friends etc! Wheeeee!

Miss JJJ said...

HappyHappy Miss Ruth!!
Have a fab Artfest .. . hope you get to meet Leau and Raine from the Albq.
group: know they're anxious to meet you!
Hugs - judith

inventivesoul said...


What an awesome way to spend your happy day!
I hope you have a healthy, *&* happy time away, and that you get to do all sorts of AWESOME and cool things!

Happy Birthday!!!

Amber Dawn