Friday, February 16, 2007

Lovely Day

It was such a nice day that I had my top down on my convertible as I drove around town :)
after talking to my Girl friend in Chicago last night it made me all the more enjoying of what a wonderful sunny day we had.

I have been playing with my blog... AGAIN! I made a few other back rounds... I still need to tweak it a little more :)


ramona said...

ruth. i love them. and how you displayed them for the photos. i got your mail yesterday. it made my day! the jewellery is just beautyful! i hope to return the favour as soon as possible!

martha said...

I like this background. Your blog is beautiful, Ruth.

Shari said...

Oh Ruth...I am a "top down" girl too!! And sadly I am here in Chicago---freezing with my top up!! I have driven a convertible ever since my children reached an age where they were old enough to drive themselves around. Prior to that I drove a Chevy Suburban for years and years. Way back when my twins were born (numbers 4 & 5), I had 3 children in carseats, a first grader and a third grader. I also had a humongous twin stroller.It was the only one they made back then---a perego that didn't collapse and needed to be taken apart to fit in a normal car trunk. I used to just lift it up into the tailgate of my Suburban and off we'd go!

Are you still coming to Chicago this summer to teach? Let me know the details. Love the ever changing look of your blog.
-hugs, shari

Patti G. said...

Ruth, LOVE your 4x4 there with the egg transparency and BELIEVE , just bbbbbbeautiful colors and those flowers wide open make a lovely backdrop!!! WOW!

Plain Jane said...

Hi ruth love these little snippets perched in the tree! And yes, yesterday was a gorgeous day in sunny socal!

Judy Scott said...

Love your blogs new look ~ the colours are gorgeous and I want mine to look like this now!!!! Thankyou for all your lovely thoughts and support, lots of love to you ~ Jude xx

Jes said...

Ruth, I love the new look!

Here I sit under a foot of snow while you cruize around with your convertable! That's not fair!!


Jes said...

argh...IN your convertable...IN

I am queen of the typos this morning!

Crystal said...

What?? Ruth! Did I just read that you could be coming to Chicago this summer to teach!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!
Do tell!!

The blog looks fantastic!