Thursday, February 15, 2007

Brave HeArt

I need to make art...
I need to sit at my table and make art... just because it feels good, not because I have to, not for a deadline, but just something from my soul...

I am a at crossroads in my life right now...
A little lost as to what road to take.

only when things become a little unclear do we understand that to grow is to live.
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness"

i love you much(most beautiful darling)

i love you much(most beautiful darling)

more than anyone on the earth and i
like you better than everything in the sky

-sunlight and singing welcome your coming

although winter may be everywhere
with such a silence and such a darkness
noone can quite begin to guess

(except my life)the true time of year-

and if what calls itself a world should have
the luck to hear such singing(or glimpse such
sunlight as will leap higher than high
through gayer than gayest someone's heart at your each

nearness)everyone certainly would(my
most beautiful darling)believe in nothing but love
~E e cummings



Judy Scott said...

I love your brave heart ~ your poem is perfect. Im sure which ever road you choose to take will be right. Much love Jude xxx

Patti G. said...

Ruth, you are something doll!!!! I love your sweet brave heart and follow that is leading you! Hugs,Patti

Plain Jane said...

help ruth, what are you doing to your blog, dear? I can't read the words over the images. Ain't technology grand?

Dotee said...

Ruth, I hope that life sorts out for you. You are such a talented and loving person. With a big heart.

And the heart you made is stunning work!

kelly said...

oh my friend! i wish i had all the answers for you. i am keeping you in my heart and am here for a listen whenever you need one. xxoo

mizcarla said...

My poor darlin. I hope whatever is bugging you gets resolved soon.

When I feel I'm at a fork I bust out a notebook and just let it all flow...usually I feel better after that.

sending big hugs and wishes for more glorious spring-like days, and lots of quiet, productive art time.


Gypsy Purple said...

In stillness...comes our answers...with grace....the whole truth


miss*R said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now but had to comment today - the braveheart words really touched my soul... they are words similar to what i wrote today in my journal and was going to post about tomorrow...