Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY 2007!

I hope you all had fun welcoming in the new year!!!

I am diabetic... so a little cold can put me down for days! thank you all so much for your well wishes, I did not get to party in 2007, but I am doing better :)

one of my goals for this year was to give my web site a overhaul... I no longer teach jewelry classes... so I closed down alot of pages and I need to clean it up, I have decided to use it as a place card to show case my art like so many do. My other art goals are to open a esty shop and get some of my art published and over hall my stuido and make it a more creative looking space, it just amazing to me how some artist can make there studio look like art and not a landslide of junk! my studio is organized and user friendly but I long for it to look inspirational, and its hard because I really lack wall space because I have really packed it in my odd shaped 12 x18 space :) oh how I long to have Sara Lechner's , amazing studio loft!

ok so all you girls that are going and sees this know what it means!

In Three short months I will be at artfest!!! with my best supper best friend Nancy Nelson and I want to know who I will get to meet! so please if you see this and will be attending, droop me a line and let me know :)
I put a count down to
artfest on my side bar and its really funny because the 28th of March is also my birthday so its really funny for a soon to be 41 year old to count the days before her birthday!

Teesha Moore did this and I just love the words! (artfest attendees got a stack of Teesha's art cards as a treat with our registration pack)

Tuesday I have:

Patricia Seggebruch

Friday:Anne Bagby

Saturday:Susan Lenart Kazmer

This is my first art retreat so I can not wait to be amazed and inspired :)



Judy Wise said...

Hi Ruth Rae! I will be at Artfest although not in any of your classes with you. I hope to meet you there and I am counting the days too.

ArtsyMama said...

YES>>>> I will be there. Can't wait!

Catherine said...

You know I will be there! And Ruth, my birthday is March 9th!

Thursday - Karen Michel
Friday - Anahata Katkin
Saturday - Misty Mawn

Leau Phillips said...

Hey Ruth, I'll be at Artfest with Raine and really look forward to meeting you. BTW, I get to exchange ATCs with Judith too!

Evoke-Designs by Lorraine said...

I so regret not going this year! :0( I'm thinking about Artfiber Fest in October though! You will have the blast of a lifetime Ruth!

martha said...

As you know, I'll be there (and I have the luck and privilege to be in your house even!) Is Nancy in that house too?I can't wait to meet you all!

Patti Gramza said...

Dang it Ruth, I just posted to Nancy too, that you better squeeze eachother for me! I WISH I could meet you!!!! You will have a ball at Artfest and be sure and take some pictures ok????
I didn't know you are diabetic! I hope that nasty cold is gone now!! You are waaaaaaaaaay to talented to be kept down for too long!!!
:0) Hugs,Patti

Heather said...

I'll be there too! This will be my first ArtFest and I am so excited. I went to AFF last year and it rocked so I am really lokking forward to this.
I have:
Thurs- Susan Lenart Kazmer
Fri- Linda & Opie O'Brien
Sat- Pam Garrison

I am sharing a dorm room with a friend and hope to meet you!!!

Happy New Year!

One Crabapple said...

My first time too !

Won't be staying in the dorm but will be there !

And I don't have any of the same classes but will find you somehow.

I think you already know this - but my classes are Mold Making on Thurs Anahata on Fri and Michael deMeng on Sat....!

Somehow we will run across eachother. They must have some way to hook up there as so many of us want to meet.

I have you in my little book ! Looking forward to this.

You got some GOOD classes too !

Wooo-hooo We are goin to ARTFEST !

One Crabapple said...

oh my gosh Ruth ! you are so close !

Claremont ? isn't that near The Artbar ??

dogfaeriex5 said...

yep, i will be going for the 1st time also!!
2classes with nina bagley-adore her and 1class with Susan Lenart Kazmer..staying at a B&B..cannot your jewelry!! i stop by everyday looking for new things from you..

lia said...

oh, oh, OH, I SO want to go!! I am going to Art and Soul in VA in May but I wish I could go to Art Fest, esp. b/c I could meet you also!

I also love your art goals, they sound great and can't wait to see your studio space. Mine is small too and I'm still tweaking things, but it's nice b/c it's all my space. yeah! Oh, and I also love the charming banner. the bracelet looks amazing! talk soon, Lia

Tatterededge said...

Ruth I didn't realize you were a March baby too! We are both Aries girls-My b-day is the 22nd! COOL!