Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hawaiian Breakfast

Hawaiian Breakfast, originally uploaded by ruthrae.

I did way to much over the last 2 days... so now I am back in bed :(
but I did get this lovely hawaiian breakfast brought to me :)
if you have never had a hawaiian breakfast it includes:
Portuguese sausage
White rice with shoyu
Guava juice.

the last time I left the house was Christmas... so I am going a little stir crazy... I did get the kids to help me put away the christmas stuff yeasterday and I did get my stuido clean... but today I will hang low maybe I will go out and get some movies (I have HGTV overload can you believe that!!!) becuse me and my new supper best friend (AKA the bed) have a date for new years!

ALL THE BEST IN 2007 Blog viewers and fellow art girls! I wonder what fun artful things are ahead of us in the new year ? :)



Deb said...

Hi Ruth... Am in the same boat! The flu (plus asthma for me) has hit us here with a vengeance! Even the dogs and cat are keeping their distance. Yuck :0( Hope you're feeling better soon - that breakfast sure looks yummy :-)
When you get a chance, drop over to creative journeys and introduce yourself.. new projects being posted in the next day or two! Deb

Kirsi said...

Get better soon, next year will be best ever! Hyvää Uutta Vuotta from Finland!

martha said...

Oh Ruth, I hope that you get better soon! Everyone seems to be sick -- I waited in line for 4 hours at the walk in clinic on Friday(my doctor is on holidays)they said it's likely pneumonia and gave me some horrid antibiotics that have handcuffed me to the washroom. Happy New Year! LOL. Let's leave our illnesses in 2006, okay?

mizcarla said...

I'm sending virtual chicken soup!

I hope you feel better soon sweetie.