Saturday, December 02, 2006


invited us to create like a child in her RR calendar...
I started by painting my back rounds with acrylic paint... I used my favorite colors from when I was a girl and used clear vinyl to make packets to hold pop rocks candy and those Balloons we use to blow up from a straw :). I always love butterfly's and flowers and always dreamed that I could fly :)

Plant your seeds... so you can grow.
when I was about 8, I just loved to plant and grow flowers, marigolds and sunflowers from seeds were my joy!

my childhood art was all about fun!
when I was young I loved hot pink & lime green! I even designed my dream house in this color scheme in home economics!
I never did get my pink and green dream house, but I do have a hot pink walk in closet with lepard carpet!

Me! as a butterfly princess pull out tag

Butterfly princess floating over the land.
I loved to play dress up! and dreamed I could fly!



Holly Stinnett said...

These pages are so special and wonderful. I love them. We absolutely must participate in a round robin someday - I would love that.

I really love the flower page you created and also remember loving colorful flowers so much when I was little. There are some that I still see today that are multi-colored in pinks,oranges and yellows with little, tiny flowers all clustered together to make a big budding flower - I called them 'candy flowers' when I was little... and I still do today. I get so excited when I come across them; I'm not sure what they are called. They bring back good memories.

Kirsi said...

OH no! Once more I dicovered most beautiful blog..... I'm quite new with this blog stuff... must add you also to my favoutes list. :)

Dawn said...

Oh Ruth, I ADORE the pages you created in my "Adventures in La-La Land" calendar. I'm a big fan of yours, as you know, and you certainly didn't disappoint me with what you did in my book. I can't WAIT to see it in person and feel all the cool textures in it. Lucky me. Wheeee!

MarilynH said...

These are outstanding--beautiful! What a cool idea for an RR book.

sue b said...

These are all gorgeous!

Patti Gramza said...

Ruth, ohhh your artwork is making me smile this morning! All your beautiful flowers with faces on the rr are terrific! Love the little people you created! They are happy and full of joy and color! She will love that!

And the postcards are looking great even before they are finished too! I love your work space! It looks like most of ours! Heheheh, jammed with inspiration!

And........of course, your secret sisters fairy necklace and box......just pppppppperfect and sweet! I love it!

Anonymous said...

My goodness! 2 blogs! And you hae been married for 18 yrs. We are like art sisters. I have 2 web sites and one blog. I too have been married for 18 yrs. I love your art on both blogs. Keep it up! Very inspiring!!! AJ

AJ said...

oops! My finger hit send before I had a chance to finish. Love your art and the little fabric pieces are awesome. AJ