Monday, November 20, 2006

spoiled rotten! and loving it!

I get a lot of great mail days but today by far was one of the best!
First off was this great little ATC pack from my best atc friend Judith warped in this stunning gold paper with postage stamps that once belong to her grandfather where these supper cool atc!

Then from Cece I received a supper sweet thank you gift for hosting the just simply charming swap. In this great little red hot tin was this great bracelet with my initials and a super hero thank you card :)

Last but not least my supper best friend from high school Deb, strikes one more with not one but 2 amazing bracelets that came in a sealed pop top can! (now how did she do that!?)

she hand made all the charms for this bracelet with PMC clay!

Thanks girls for spoiling me rotten!!!



nancynelson said...

Hey...stranger..been crazy here..lots of people coming in for Thanksgiving.sorry we have not talked !! I just finished boys to me AND DON'T KNOW WHO TO SEND IT TO NEXT?? HELP MISS YOU NANCY

nancynelson said...

Also were are the rest of the racs???...Nancy