Monday, November 20, 2006

Minnie ATC

I went to my first ever ATC in person trading event this weekend at stamp your heart out I made 20 cards in all for trade all of mine were one of a kind. I noticed that alot of the people did sets of ther cards (like 1 of 5 or 1 of 20), its always been hard for me to replicate my work, I may use the same image or material but I like to see how things evolve.

I felt a little out of place because all the lady's there were like professional ATC trades it kinda felt like I was on wall street and out of place because I had a paper bag for with my cards and they all had folders with plastic pockets for there briefcases :) but it was fun and something new :)


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Gunnels blog said...

I think you are doing such a lovely ATC!