Tuesday, November 07, 2006

RR calender pages for Beth

I don't know why I was so taken back by Beth's theme of "journeys"
but I was...

I guess it was because of all the possibilities ~

I started out by doing the background pages in acrylics then I pulled together small ATC sized fabric collages with words and fibers buttons and beads, I used a pencil and traced a circle around the cards and wrote some of my thoughts.
the small hearts and images that are hanging from the red thread and two sided and a few of them had a little bit of batting in them so they are fluffy :)

Journey Within

Discover This Life
atc (front)

discover this life
atc (back)

Discover Love
we seek love and we find our self's on a grand journey to find it, along the road to love we discover our self's
(these are the words that wrap around the circle)

Journey Together
I meet my husband at 19, we married when I was 23 and we had our first child when I was 25 , our journey together 21 years.
(these are the words that wrap around the circle)

Explore This Life

Discover Another Road

Travel Explore
I never know where my art journey will lead me, it's a trip we can not plan our soul is our guide on this trip.
(these are the words that wrap around the circle)

With In My Art
it takes courage to travel and journey within, but once we take that leap we are for ever free with out self.
(these are the words that wrap around the circle)



primdollie said...

as with all your work I am always so amazed and thrilled to see what you create and so sorry haven't been here in a while because your work always uplifts me and makes me smile!!!!! LOVE it and also congrats on that 21 year journey together that is wonderful!!!! Mine will be 13 years come may and though not my 1st but my true love and soul mate!!! just took a bit longer to find!!! wishing you were working in my calendar!!!!!!! big hugs to you Linda

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the fact that you also do the backs of your work, it makes it all the more interesting! :) I saw that you were in the past magic ball swap, are you in the current one? :) I signed up. See you later!

Anonymous said...

they are really wonderful, Ruth.
I am very impressed by the backs, too!

Jes said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful works Ruth!!!!! And I have to tell you I love those Holiday ornaments....just beautiful they are!

I KNOW I owe you an email...I've had this strange stomache flu/migraine thing all week. It's exhausting...and I guess a lot of people around here have had it!

BUT...we must go forward....*wink*

I am linking you to my blog right now...I love Flickr...but I love the vibes here even better! This is a lovely site!

OK...chat soon...let's get the ball rolling! xoxox ~Jes

Patti Gramza said...

Your art is always bbbbeautiful and meaningful too Ruth!!!! I love it!

Holly Stinnett said...

I am so very impressed with your style and uniqueness - love your work!

audrey said...

Ruth...these pages are gorgeous. I love your fabric artwork. There is always so much meaning and inspiration.

p.s. still giddy over the piece you made for me :o)...it hangs where i can see it all the time.