Monday, November 06, 2006

Holiday Ornaments

I made these for a holiday show at the folk tree gallery.
I waited till the last minute to get these done ... the deadline was Sunday at 4 and I made it in the door at 3:30 on Sunday to droop them off ... now you may be wondering just when did she make them well I got up around 8am Sunday morning and started and some how I was even able to take a shower! why do I wait to the last minute? I did 12 in all, you can see the rest at flicker

Explore & Life (fronts)

Explore & life (backs)

I used a little bit of batting in these and a bell inside so its soft and jingles a little :)



ramona said...

love them. a lot!!!

christine said...

Ruth!! These are all beautiful!!!!!!

primdollie said...

TRULY AMAZING!!!!!!! I love them they are so beautiful and also glad to know I am not the only one to wait till the last minute!!!!!!!!! hugs Linda

Patti Gramza said...

Ruth, anyone would LOVE to have one of these gracing their tree!!! Or special place at Christmas! They are stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

inventivesoul said...

Ruth Rae,
I must tell you that these ornaments are SWEET!
I mean that they are NICE and COOL!

I love the feel and sound of soft fabric ornaments with a gentle jingling bell within.

I really enjoy your blog.

Amber Dawn

annax said...

Wow, I thought I had landed on Jen Osborn's blog. They are exactly her style!! I just love her work and she is a dear friend to me. Is this the techniques she uses that were published in Somerset??