Wednesday, November 29, 2006

creative block

why is it that the more I have to do the more blocked I always become!
when I need to create and cant I tend to go shopping for new fun supplies to help spark me so I did my artsy shopping yesterday and went to a few of my favorite thrift stores and I got this really great bag of vintage fabric.

these are fabric post cards that I am working on but because of the block they are just sitting on this try.
I guess I need to go and clean my desk up... because by the looks of it there is no more room to create :)



Gunnels blog said...

oh, I feel the same. You more I have to do the more blocked I become. so instead i been sitting with the computer and looking at other who seems so creative!
Nice vintage fabrics!

jenclair said...

I've been cleaning and organizing, but actually, a cluttered desk is inspiring. Yours is telling me to make something.