Creativity Exposed

Have you ever been to the point where you wanted to take your art in a new fresh direction however you’re just to stumped by the creative process to make it happen? Perhaps your Afraid to try out a new idea or your too overwhelmed by all your supplies and don’t know where to start? Freeing up the imaginative mind to new ideas is often times difficult. 

When I need help to jump-start my creative process or work out a new design idea I have developed a creative exercise called
“scrap cards” 


all you need is a large Ziploc bag full of your cast offs no matter what medium you work in and we will explore how to get your creative juices flowing! 

We will talk aboutyour small works of art can be later worked into larger pieces of art and I will be showing you how you can attached your scrap cards to a small little dress and even show you how to make your own hanger out of wire (that can also be used to attach you art to)


Concertina Book

This book has a simplistic form that can be altered effortlessly in a multitude of ways suited to just about any need or theme. We will cover paint and ink altering on fabric and paper; hand stitching and needlepoint, page design and trouble shooting for attaching odd objects will also be covered. 

The ideas are never-ending as are the embellishments that you can use as the fold out fashion allows you to add on the layers with ease. Because the nature of the folds in the book there is no need to worry about the thickness of you pages, and is also double sided and free standing. Let your imagination run wild and create your own masterpiece. 

poetic art dress

Discover the process of working with simple tea stained muslin. 


As we explore the process of creating a tattered time worn effect onto fabrics by means of inking, ripping and heat manipulation Fabric dyeing and staining will be covered. 

Learn how to write words onto your fabric with free motion stitching as we will construct demure “art” dress however if your so inclined you can create your self a life sized one so you can be dressed in your art! 

Complete your creation with the construction of your own hanger. This is a project driven class.

Personal Exploration

Do you find yourself forever on the hunt for things that inspire you to create? Looking for new ways to expand your artwork?  Are you a collector of items that you’re not quite sure how to incorporate into your work? 

In this workshop you will lean how to use wood and acrylic to create frames that will become an extension of your art. We will lean how to alter acrylic, wood and various fabric surfaces with papers and paints. I will also guide you on how you can Incorporate machine and hand sewing into your artwork. We will explore how you can incorporate found objects into your collaged surfaces using various techniques such as using nails and drilling holes into your substrate surface to attach these elements.

Beneath the surface:

We will discover the process of creating sheer beauty as we unearth the endless design possibilities of capturing elements between translucent layers as we explore the reflective qualities of lightweight fabrics. Techniques covered in this workshop will be: free motion sewing, design principles, working in multiples, hand embellishing, fabric altering, and distressing.