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you can read about how to make your own winter tag in
The Winter 2013 issue of Somerset Studio Gallery 

Read how to make your own in Somerset Holidays & Celebrations.

winter 2012

winter 2012

winter 2012

I share how to nurture your creativity and how to connect to your creative self.

I share my tips on art quilting and how to make a tint your own resin paper in this issue.

In this issue I share how I create like a child and tell you how you can make your own mixed media wired art.

Read as I share how personalize and make your own i-pad cover.

I made this ipad cover as a gift for my dear friend Kristen Robinson

My favorite part of gift making is taking the time to truly honer the recipient.
I took ques from her personal style and used hand dyed fabrics and free-motion stitched words from her favorite authors.

“Teach us… 
that we may feel the importance of every day, of every hour, as it passes.”
~Jane Austen

You will find a mixed media delight in Somerset apprentice: spring 2011 issue as I tell you how to heat alter craft felt and how to make resin paper along with how you can create your own free standing try fold book.

Joys are our wings book in
Somerset studio gallery: summer 2011

I am pleased to be included in this new book

In the January / February Issue of Belle Armoire

OK, I will fully admit that getting your work publish is always a thrill and really never gets old. However when I got my first glance of the photography for a pinafore that I made it was almost as if all my little girl dreams of becoming a fashion designer came true!

soft & hard an expropriation in September / October 2010 issue of Somerset Studio. 

cover art by Ruth Rae