Sunday, May 19, 2013

Storybook wraps

My collection of small antique books give me so much inspiration sometimes it can be the words them self that inspire me but often times its the look of timeworn books themselves that really set my imagination lose.

My dear friend Kristen Robinson has a designer line called Rue Romantique™
(you can see and buy it here)
I had so much fun using bezels from it. That soon it seamed as if I was lost in some fairy-tale book.

That can be warn around your wrist or your waist.

Fabric became my pages and I used my sewing machine to help me write the words.

I will Be teaching my sewing process next week at the Create Mixed Media Retreat in Irvine California

If you have enjoyed these photos and want to learn more can read all about my storybook wraps in the summer 2013 Sew Somerset.



Kadee Willow said...

I wanna come!!!! If only, right? Just need to get that private jet to fly me over and back! Love the photos and thanks so much for writing the post. YOu see, with the move, I was thinking "do I really want to lug all those books over to the new house?" Well, after seeing this, you bet I do! Such possibilities!!

Emma Parker said...

Love the wrapped books. I have pile of antique books and always wondering what to do wIth them. They smell delicious...

Patti G. said...

These are beautiful!!!!!!
Have fun teaching in CA!
I am sending hugs, it has been a while since I have popped in to take in your talents, but I think of you often!