Tuesday, December 18, 2012

snow drifting.

I have been in a deep dormancy over the last few months 
This blog has turned into a true reflection to my underground attitude that has developed with in me.

much like snow drifting I have found that my creativity has been truly shifted.

 Moving forward and coping with my impaired vision has proven to be a huge challenge that has truly effected my creativity. 

when things change in our life's that are hard or difficult its easy to wish for things to be as they used to be. 

but nothing in life stays the same forever and we must always remember that we must grow and shift in order to grow.
its easy to get caught up thinking about what we don't have but its critical to survival that we remind ourselves what we DO have.

I ask myself today:
 How can I be the BEST me.

I will do what I can with what I have and not question what used to be. and fully accept what is now.

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1 comment:

Ella said...

You have a beautiful spirit! It is a journey-we have to find the beautiful among the gray! YOU always do :D