Monday, July 16, 2012

a little update

My life has been full of family, my son has graduated from high school and my daughter from cosmetology school! (congratulations Brian and Sarah!) I am not quite sure when my little ones turned into young adults. 

The creativity has been flowing in different directions lately as I am working on a  new jewelry book with Kristen Robinson. I have been sketching more and journaling down ideas.
 my heath has been good and my monthly visits to my Ophthalmologist to help control my RETINOPAT DIABETIC MACULAR EDEMA has somehow became a way of life to me now.

Life truly keeps us all on our toes! 

I have been enjoying the journey of my life and posting photos to instragram.I was gifted a lovely singer red eye 66 trundle sewing machine from 1911 that needs a little of my TLC but soon I will sew with her!

I hope your all enjoying your summer ~

You can read about my journey into mark making in the summer 2012 Belle Armoire.
Happy Creating!



Lynn said...

Congrats to the kids successes! And to the parents who raised them there!

Love the tredle machine. I had my grama's in the 1970's and enjoyed sewing clothing on it. I wasn't into ART yet.

Hope your eye condition stays undercontrol.

Cathy L. Calamas said...

I'm coveting your sewing machine. :)) I've been looking for one for a long time. I hope you get it working.

Elise Hollandsworth Hartmann said...

I adore this scarf! So makes me happy just looking at it!

art spirit said...

Congrats on the kiddos! I had two graduates this year too.
Will check out your new article-looks great!
I sewed on a treadle for years when I lived on a farm with no electricy!