Wednesday, January 25, 2012

He Loveth My Soul

This weeks theme for Tag Tuesday is "vintage" and for it I pulled my inspiration form my victorian jet mourning jewelry collection along with a antique mourning dress that I own. 

I used black crepe from a part of the mourning dress that is starting to rot away and stitched it directly onto a large shipping tag that I painted black. 

With a needle and pearl cotton I attached bits and pieces of jet trim from my collection. I adore the soft brown color that old black fades to ~

I used a pice of old trim that still had some of the fabric it was taken from along with the old threads still attached to the trim. 

I attached a small china head doll onto a old steel cut beaded shoe buckle  along with the title words from the hymnal: "He Loveth My Soul"



Miss Sandy said...

Rich, textural, and laced with such truth, glorious!

jesse said...

Beautifully done, so sensitive. Nice work.

ColourFly said...

Enchanting!!!! I admire your art!!!!

dMsmith said...

Just gorgeous, I love this so much! Seems the old black fades to a chocolate or cocoa color doesn't it? Great work!

Liz said...

This is a beautiful testimony to the power of love and redemption. Thank you for sharing it.