Monday, May 30, 2011

Working on...

The creative process has not been a easy one for me, I have went back to work at designing a line of earrings and hair accessories so much of my creative energy has been going towards that and for fun I have been occupied with nesting: redecorating my house and purging and reorganizing my studio ( I will share new studio photos soon!)

my creative dormancy is just about at its end as a few ideas have been banging around in my head over the last few days of color, stitched words and layers.
I am trying to connect the pieces now but some how the images in my mind are not quite ready to fully come out... a few more days of pondering my be in order ~


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connie said...

loving these pieces...
I can relate last year we purchased a home and we were remodeling decorating etc. this summer we have finally slowed down enough to enjoy it all.
my creative energy has just started flowing! now it's just finding the time to do it all!!