Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dye lots.

I hand dye nearly all of the fabric that I use in my art work, because of the depth that it adds. My methods can very but for the most part I use RIT dye and follow the stove top direction on the box.


 I have found that you can achieve a great range of color when you combine different fabrics that very in fabric content as well as weight bellow are my results using 4 different dye baths.

Because I dye almost everything that I use the fabrics I gravitate to buy are white or natural in color for the most part. But you can even dye things that are different colors for a even more unexpected effect.



suziqu's thread works said...

These results are absolutely stunning!
I would love to know what dyes you used on which fabrics???

Donna said...

I love all different shades of colors and how you could combine them!!!

Renee Troy said...

Thank you for sharing your video. I found it so interesting to see how many variations came from one dye lot according to fabric. The color makes my mouth water...tangy!

Denni said...

I love your dyed fabric, so beautiful. You've inspired me to go and get some Ritt dye and start some myself!