Friday, October 08, 2010


I love this little guy! he is forever by my side.

I have became a domestic goddess over the last few weeks.
There is something about the fall that puts me into 100% nest mode! I have been reorganizing my house, cooking and cleaning and doing all things domestic.

my new dress
(more details here)

case at hand this dress:
I made it for myself last week, I drafted my own pattern and I am very pleased how it turned out. I even had a chance to where it out on Saturday.
I will fully admit that when it comes to most things arty and crafty I am 100% fearless, how ever ask me to sew something wearable and all of my insecurity's start running wild!

I think its good to have a few insecurity's if we don't take them to serious: as they can keep us on our toes striving for more. I really do need to take a few more sewing classes, so I can improve on my skills and grow so I can move into the direction of sewing more clothes.

my new dress

we all have directions that we want to take, we all have to find new challenges to help us grow. we must not allow our insecurity's to take charge of our creativity.

so I invite you to ask your self this question:

what do I need to do or learn to grow in my creative life?



Jen said...

Love this dress- truly. It's so fun to see how your art translates into the wearable world. :)

Kim Palmer said...

Great attention to the little details on the dress really make it Ruth. Change of seasons makes me all nesty too only we are diving into Spring here in Oz.

Poetic Artist said...

Love the dress. I am trying to learn to sew..I always going to thrift stores and finding things to sew onto other things..I am not skilled enough to make my own garments..

connie said...

it turned out beautiful ruth! I love the button and brooch detailing!

sunnisandy said...


Lisa H said...

Clapping for your bravery.
I always left clothing construction to other people as well. Recently I've wandered into those waters. It's not that scary after all....
Well done, Miz R!

kecia said...

it's beautiful - you did a wonderful job - love the pinstripes and matching flower! okay, now i want a dress too (and a doll) gonna have to put "stuff from ruth" gift certificate" on my Christmas list for jeff.