Tuesday, October 05, 2010

on news stands now.

I have 4 workshops in the new somerset workshop volume 7.
In this book I cover free-motion stitching and surface treatment along with how to make a book and how to make a frame out of acrylic and how you can make your little stitched dress with words.

This summer I traveled with my singer feather weight down to the stampington headquarters
to take the photos of these step outs.

you can order your copy of somerset workshop here.



Lorraine said...

what a lovely blog you have here..thanks for accpeting my fb friendship. Congrats on getting published..what a great article..love stampington magazines just wish they were readily available over here but sadly not

Karen said...

Can't wait to get a copy! I was just thinking while I read that I wish there was a place to tell me how to write with the sewing machine!!! Thanks!!

Lynn said...

Yes, this is the one I have and am learning so much from what you published in it. Just wonderful art.